Precious Things

We’ve lived in this house for three years without a mantle over the fireplace.  It has been a source of frustration because a mantle is a real focal point in decorating, and I’ve been itching to have another space to display some of my pretty things, hang stockings, etc.  We finally got around to getting a carpenter out to make one for us, and it was a great day yesterday when he came to deliver it.

He had nailed the last piece in place and I was standing back, trying to visualize a Thanksgiving arrangement, when Baby A popped in the room and said “Whatcha’ doing, Mom?”  I told him that the mantle was where we displayed our precious things and I was thinking of what to place there.  “I have an idea,” he said and ran into the other room, only to materialize with his Optimus Prime Battle Rig Blaster and climb up on the hearth and reach up high to place it front and center. Optimus was joined today by a Lego Indiana Jones and Anakin Skywalker.

It’s going to be a long holiday season….


4 responses to “Precious Things

  1. I clicked over here from your Facebook page. Am I the first to comment on your first EVER post? Wow. I’m so honored.

    I bet your mantle will have quite the collection of action figures by next week!

  2. You are! I just decided this week to blog since no one under 10 listens to me at home anyway.

  3. Diva Princess has been decorating with Kleenex. I can’t tell you how many wadded up tissues I’ve pulled out of my candle holders and from around my fall garland. I’m not sure what theme she’s working towards. Snowfall on autumn, maybe?

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