Hello, this is the principal’s office calling…

With three active boys, it’s a safe bet that at least once a week, I’m responding to a note from the teacher.  One stomped on his juice box at recess to see how far the liquid would go (can I get credit towards the science fair for that?), one decided to break out the Bakugan’s instead of writing his spelling words in bubble letters (hello – I’m not raising cheerleaders) and the other one is snitching food from another kid’s cafeteria tray (apparently sending in a healthy lunch is now turning him into a thief).  This week, Baby A exemplified less than stellar behavior, prompting a phone call from the principal.


I have the hardest time separating what my children do from who I am.  It’s so easy to see their misbehavior as a direct reflection of my parenting skills (or lack thereof).  As I was mulling the situation over, I was struck by what God must think when I exhibit behavior unbecoming of being His child.  How quickly do I let a word fly or a flash of anger go unchecked?  How often do I ball my fists and say “No, I’m not going to do that?”  How does it paint Him as my Father when I don’t express His love and concern towards others?

I am ever more grateful for His grace as I see my own less-than-gracious behavior.  I am encouraged that He still loves me, as I love my blessed little misbehaving squash blossom, and I am reminded that He is ever molding me, just as He is molding them.

2 responses to “Hello, this is the principal’s office calling…

  1. Wow! Susan, you are good! What a great way to look at that. Thanks for making me see it that way. I am so glad I clicked on your notes (wasn’t sure what it was).

  2. Wow. Good stuff, Sus.

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