On the road again

I’m packing our things for our great trek out west for a few days to visit the family in Oklahoma. It’s 22 hours of driving time and I’m the lone adult, so we’ll be breaking it up with a stop at the in-laws Tuesday night and Wednesday night in Memphis.

I have taken the boys on this trip annually since they were two. (Let me tell you, it was a lot of fun the year we were potty training. I-40 had a few bare patches along the road from little boys who told me at the last minute and the middle of nowhere that it was time to go. That was the trip that I thanked God that He chose to bless me with all boys and that all I had to do was open the door and tell them to aim for the side of the road.)

My friends all think I’m nuts to do this and remind me that there are such things as airplanes, but the call of the open road is too strong to ignore. There’s something about a wide stretch of highway, playing the road game (and hoping for a Zaxby’s or the Knoxville Zoo sign when we get to “X” or “Z”), watching hours of movies (the boys) and listening to hours of satellite radio (me), jumping up and down on the hotel bed, and stopping for ice cream and french fries at the first Braum’s that we hit (on the west side of Little Rock) no matter what time of day it is.

The added bonus is the family that waits at the end. It’s RARE that I am in my mother’s house at the holidays. I called today and Dad’s putting up the tree and stringing the lights. We’re making plans for fun things to do with the kids and fun girl time just with my mom. And I am anxious to see my beloved brothers who mean the world to me. No girl has been as blessed as I to have three awesome men to support and encourage her. It’s a treat to be with them, and we’re already planning a get-together on Saturday.

I’ll try and update, but if you don’t hear much, just assume that I’m making a gingerbread house or going to see the buffalo, and I’ll be back before too long.

2 responses to “On the road again

  1. Have fun, Susan. And be careful. Our trek home takes 17 hours and I can’t imagine doing that by myself! Enjoy the time with your family. I know they’re so excited you’re coming.

  2. I have “keep Sus alert on the road” duty covered. Call me when you need me. What am I going to do without our daily “chats”?

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