Pilot Alert!

I’m typing this from a hotel in Little Rock. All the lights are out and I unplugged the clock so the children wouldn’t know I put them to bed at 7:00. Today was a long day, and all our rest stops were at Pilot Fuel Stops.

I love Pilot – they have the giant pump buckets of half and half (or french vanilla flavoring if you’re feeling skippy and don’t mind ingesting hydrogenated oils). And they have six different kinds of coffees to choose from. I recommend the house blend for all the caffeine without the astringency of the 100% Colombian.

We were supposed to stop and spend the night in Memphis, but I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning and hit the road before the sun decided to appear. I was in Memphis by 1:30, and the prospect of entertaining the boys in a small hotel room for the rest of the afternoon didn’t thrill me, so we pressed on.

Tomorrow’s the last day on the road. Since it’s our first morning in Central Time, I’m sure they’ll be up by 5, so I’m prepared to be on the road by 5:30. Oh well, at least I’ll beat rush hour…


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