Christmas Blessings to a stranger…

I’m back from my trip, and it was GREAT! I got to see almost all of my family and spent a lot of quality time hanging out with my very cool parents. Went to Wal-Mart and the Ginger Jar (neat little gift shop – if you’re ever on Hwy 81 going through Duncan, be sure and stop). Went to Braum’s three times (the diet begins in January). Went to my home church and introduced the boys to the same ladies that taught me Sunday School and showed them the baptistry where my father baptized me. Baby A commented “Wow, Mom, there sure are a lot of historical facts about you in Oklahoma.”

One neat thing happened to me on the return trip at Exit 13 in Alma, Arkansas. I like to stop there because it’s convenient to a Braum’s AND a gas station, and it’s sort of a home exit for me since I attended grad school at the University of Arkansas, a mere 45 minutes up the road from there. Before they built the by-pass, it was the exit that I would take, so for nostalgic reasons, I like to stop.

I unloaded the boys and made them take a bathroom stop. I took Baby B in with me to the ladies’ room. (For those of you who don’t know, Baby B uses a wheelchair. He has cerebral palsy and autism, so he needs a little extra help with the bathroom.) Fortunately this time, I didn’t get any stares from anyone. There was a nice woman there who offered to hold the door for me and smiled at us.

She and her husband were leaving the restaurant at the same time that we were. I loaded the boys in the car and they were pulling past us as I was wheeling the chair to the back of the car to stow. The car stopped and the man got out. “May I help you load the chair?” Tears sprang to my eyes. This was an elderly man, and he was offering assistance while four men half his age had walked by with nary a word. I accepted, thanking God for sending someone my way. That chair was/is heavy, and I had to load and unload it probably three more times that day.

He was so gracious “I know you can do this by yourself, but I wanted to help.” I thanked him and asked for God’s blessings on his day. And thanked God for blessing mine by showing me how He keeps His eye on me and cares for me, even in the seemingly small ways.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, Mr. Arkansas Helper. You’ve certainly blessed mine.

2 responses to “Christmas Blessings to a stranger…

  1. That is so sweet, Susan. I’ve got tears in my eyes too.

    So glad you shared that story with us.

    PS–I knew you probably hadn’t read about my ticket…but I couldn’t resist the mocking comment. 🙂

  2. I am spending some quality time this Christmas reading blogs and this brought tears to my eyes, too. So glad someone was a blessing to you and thanks for the reminder to stop and bless others along the way.

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