Travis’ gift to us…

Opening presents this Christmas morning was a delight. There were a few surprises for the boys, an unexpected scanner/copier for me, some hedge clippers for Craig (and I got major points for noticing the old ones needed replacing).

One of the bigger hits was a handheld labeling machine that I got for Craig so that we could label all the extra power cords and USB cables to the equipment around the house. It has a full QWERTY keyboard and is a cinch to use.

Travis (Baby B) was particularly interested in playing with it Christmas morning. I was hesitant to let him handle it since it was Craig’s gift, and I was afraid that he would mess it up before we even had a chance to use it. (He is differently abled, and “mash all buttons until something happens” is his preferred way of exploring). Craig graciously said “Let him be”, and we moved on to cleaning up the room and getting ready for company.

Later that morning, Craig brought me a little white strip of paper, freshly cut off the labeling machine. “Look what he typed – all by himself. ”


Could there be any more perfect gift under a tree?


2 responses to “Travis’ gift to us…

  1. Ah, my heart. That’s good stuff right there. We have to think of a special way to keep that label forever.

  2. Wow. What a great Christmas gift.

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