In the “better late than never” category….

This is the New Year’s letter that hopefully is going out in the mail over the weekend…everything’s addressed…now if I could just remember where I put the stamps….

Merry Christmas and Happy 2009!

(If it’s before Epiphany, it counts as a Christmas card, right????)

Dear Friends –

It’s official – this is the latest that a holiday greeting has gone out from the Scates family. Where did the time go? I feel like I blinked and the entire month of December just blew past us all. I couldn’t let the new year begin, though, without best wishes from our family to yours.

2008 was a travel year! We went to Aruba in February, made a road trip from NC to Oklahoma in March, flew to Buffalo, NY/Toronto, Canada/Niagara Falls in June, went lake cruising in Chicago in July, spent Thanksgiving in Asheville in November, and drove back out to Oklahoma in December. The Suburban is still in one piece, though out of warranty! The boys are GREAT travelers and inherited Mom’s gypsy spirit. They look forward to each school break and a trip to see something new. We’ve got a list going for 2009 (first stop – Williamsburg in March). Hopefully our travels will bring us to a city near you.

The boys are half-way through 3rd grade. Tommy is honing his skills at Rock Band and Lego Star Wars for the Wii. He played kid-pitch baseball for the first time this year, and learned about practice, practice, practice! He was so thrilled to get his first hit in a tie game at the bottom of the 9th, with two outs, two strikes, and a runner in scoring position to win the game for the team. It was easily the highlight of his season.

JJ continues his quest to master all things factual. You want this kid on your team at your next Trivial Pursuit game night. He loves to read and he’s honing his chef skills. He already has three cookbooks that are his alone, and he’s anxious to go solo on the sharp knife. Yikes!

Travis continues to progress, particularly in his language skills. His favorite things to do are to defeat our internet security protocols and go shopping at Target. The boy loves retail therapy, much more so than the physical therapy he continues to receive weekly. We thought we might escape surgery in 2008, but it was not to be. He had orthopedic surgery in September to release some tendon tension on his legs, and he bounced back quickly. We are fortunate that he loves to go to Duke, and has no fear of the hospitals.

Craig’s still enjoying his work.  He now has the dubious honor of being my real-life boss as he has me on contract through his company at a pharmaceutical firm. I get to work from home, and as long as I have a phone and a laptop, I’m free to move about the country. It’s been nice to engage in paid work and have stories that don’t involve calls from the principal to discuss with Craig at the dinner table.

If you find yourself in Raleigh, give us a call. We’d love to see you. If you want to pop in on us via the internet from time to time, Craig and I are both on Facebook and I have a new blog that generates random information on what’s going on with us. The blog is also where you can see this year’s Christmas picture that I would have sent had I gotten my act together and had it printed in time enough to send. Sigh…maybe next year.

Much love and a blessed New Year to you!

The Scates


One response to “In the “better late than never” category….

  1. GREAT letter! Thanks for sharing it here.

    I posted ours on Facebook if you care to find it in my notes.

    Hey, my parents lived in Raleigh for awhile in the mid-90s. Probably 1994-1996ish. I loved visiting there! They lived on Glen Currin drive in a cute little condo.

    And one of my blog friends just moved back there, maybe Durham, but I think they all run together right?

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