Slinking into the library….

I had to do it.  It was next on my list of things to do in January.  Smack dab in between “lose 10 pounds” and “call the dentist”.  Today was the day that I paid my 2008 library fines.  I love going to the library and checking out armloads of books.  However, I am awful about returning said books to the stacks.  (As an aside, I’m also bad about returning Tupperware, so you might want to make a mental note to only bring me food in disposable aluminum foil.)

I was so glad when my library installed self-checkout  lanes so that I wouldn’t have to hand over my card for scanning and hear that horrific buzz that alerted the librarian that a delinquent account holder stood before her.  I’d have to look across the counter and smile weakly, saying “Yes, I know it’s overdue…we’re looking for it.”  (Did you know that the “we’re looking for it” excuse lets you check out more books even though you are late?  This is information I did not need to know.)

I’d like to say that it was all part of my New Year, New Me plan to wipe the slate clean, but in truth, I have been slightly panicking that I’m about to hit the maximum fine limit and they’re going to revoke my privileges.  So today, I gathered up all the courage that I could muster and walked up to the service desk.


Yes, you saw that right.

$37.40 in overdue library fines.

Fortunately I learned another bit of information.  They cap fines at $10.  What a relief!  So my debt is paid and I won’t have to slink into the library anymore, at least not for another year.


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