I feel like McGyver…

I took up knitting in the last six months.  I made it a New Year’s resolution last year to take up a new hobby, so I bought a book to teach myself the basics, but struggled with understanding some of the graphics.  A sweet friend volunteered to sit with me at the coffee shop one morning and teach me how.  It’s been so much fun, and I never realized how much I would enjoy this particular craft.  Now, before you get excited, I’m not past learning the first two stitches, and I haven’t attempted anything other than a scarf.  The boys, however, think I’m world-class and have begged me to make them their own scarf.  Tommy’s was finished first – a blue chenille that is so soft it makes you want to curl up with it at naptime – and I finished JJ’s this afternoon.  JJ was anxious for me to finish his (he’s been watching me work on it for over a week), and so I worked on it for several hours last night.  All that was left was to bind off the edge.  I grabbed my work and took it with me to carpool this afternoon to finish, only to realize when I got there that I had only brought the work on ONE needle, and had not brought the companion needle.  Aarrghhh!!!

And then I thought “What would McGyver do?”  Okay, not really, but I did search around to see if I had left a stray needle in the car from another project.  No such luck.  But I did have an assortment of pens and pencils in the middle console.  Would it work?  Yes, grasshopper, it did!  With one #8 knitting needle and one Pilot pen, I finished it.



2 responses to “I feel like McGyver…

  1. You’re amazing! Love that creative thinking!

  2. That’s fabulous!! You are really taking off with the creative crafts….we’ll do some more stitches @ next lesson. See you soon.

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