Random things I did today…

This isn’t a complete list of the odd things I did today, but that would fit the “random” part of the title…

  • Woke up on the couch (husband is having SERIOUS snoring issues coupled with my current insomnia jag)
  • Washed the filters on my stove exhaust fan (did you know they were removable?  And even though they can be disposable, if you soak them overnight in soapy dishwater, they are as good as new and ready to pop back in)
  • Grilled a turkey and swiss cheese sandwich on rye for lunch (the rye is the random part, and I don’t know that I’d repeat that little experiment)
  • Reclaimed my dining room table from the Lego Star Wars that threatened to take up permanent residence
  • Made a mental note to never bring in 1,000 pieces of lego into the house at Christmastime again
  • Did a 27 Fling Boogie
  • Contemplated the thought that “Some days even my lucky rocketship underpants won’t help.”  (This came from John’s blog and he’s talking about other things, but that stuck with me.  My lucky rocketship underpants aren’t helping me today.  There are some things going on right now that just suck.  And yes, that’s not a very ladylike expression, but that’s how I feel, and I’m 39 now and should be able to say what I think without fear of offending)
  • Remembered the laundry I left in the washer yesterday (I have laundry issues.  If anyone has a cure for getting the soured smell out of towels, let me know)
  • Wrote my blog entry as though it were the end of the day instead of 1:00
  • Explained to my children that a certain three letter word is not an appropriate synonym for “bottom”…it’s a synonym for “donkey”.  Then I explained it to their teacher….

One response to “Random things I did today…

  1. Vinegar. Vinegar takes the sour smell out of clothes. I know this from experience. So much experience that if you need vinegar at our house, look for it where we store it…in the laundry room.

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