“L” is for the way you look at me….

It’s tag time.  Meredith’s playing a game and gave me a letter and I’m supposed to come up with 10 things I love that begin with my assigned letter.  I have “L”.  You wanna’ play?  Leave me a note in the comments and I’ll assign you a letter (in case you’re worried, no x’s or z’s will be used…)

Here goes:

Lemons Love the color, love the taste, love the smell… I always have them in my fridge.

Labeler Seriously – do you have one?  I am labeling everything in sight.  And so are the children.  The other day I noticed a white strip on the wall.  It said “Wall”.  I decided to look around and see what else they decided to label.  These are a couple of the more amusing ones:



Lightning The minute I hear the rumble and see the sky turn black, I’m out in the garage with the door open and watching and listening.  I LOVE storms.

Lollipops Tootsie Pops to be exact.  Orange Tootsie Pops to be more exacter.

Limeades From Sonic. Extra cherry.

Left Bank, Paris Top of the list of favorite places in the world.  I’ve been once and have missed it ever since.

Lionel Richie I had an old boyfriend that had “Hello” dedicated to me on the radio back in high school.  It still tugs at my heart every time I hear it.

Lists I make them all the time.  This afternoon, I made three  – two for this little project and one that spells out the contents of my freezer.

Lenses These are my new glasses – funky, huh? dsc00089

I’m running out of room and still haven’t gotten to lump crab, loyalty, Laverne & Shirley, lipgloss, the library, or Les Miserables.  So I’ll leave you with perhaps my favorite thing…

Laughter It’s a staple at my house.  I hope it is at yours.




6 responses to ““L” is for the way you look at me….

  1. Excellent!!! I thought L might be hard, but evidently I was wrong.

    I love lemons, limeades, laughter, and the OCD girl in me would love the labeler! (Must remember to ask for one of those!)

    I realized today that I left Gilmore Girls off my list…how could I forget Gilmore Girls??? Alliteration and all???

  2. I’m game! What a fun post…my favorite label ” defferent stuff “…I could use that on most of my drawers, bins, laundry baskets, etc.

  3. I want a labeler!
    By the way, “L” has always been my favorite letter of the alphabet. I love to write it in cursive…always have. I remember thinking in Jr. High that I wanted to name my children with a name that begins with L. I have a grandmother named Lillian, so naturally I was certain I would one day have a little girl named Lilly. Do I? NO! Seven children and not one single, solitary L-name. Big Sigh! I’m positive I will have lots of L-named grandchildren.

  4. Love the lovely lenses! 🙂 I’ve always had a secret wish to have poor eyesight just so that I could wear glasses.
    That one was my favorite.

  5. what about Laurie? Heh,heh

  6. SO fun!

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