Changing my theme….

So you may have noticed that I changed the theme of my page.  I’m random that way.  I decided that the other one looked too “fall-ish” and I’m in the dead of winter, and I really don’t like it when things don’t match [Slightly changing subjects – the style editor of the Washington Post was giving kudos to Mrs. Obama for not being “matchy matchy” with her green shoes and olive gloves.  I was dinging her.  I’m a southerner.  My purse and my shoes match.  Most of the time.  Unless I’m using my killer kelly green Kate Spade, in which case there are no shoes on this earth that would match…and now I’m off on purses and we’ll never get back to what we were discussing…which was what?]

Oh yeah, themes.

So I like this theme even though it looks slightly urban and I live in the SUBurban part of town, but a part of my heart loves the city.  I love the funky shops and restaurants and the vibe that comes from having a bunch of people all squashed together.  I used to live in DC, and I still miss hopping the Metro, wandering the Mall on my lunch break, and walking the black and white tiled floors of Treasury.

I’m headed up that way today for a girl’s weekend to see my dear friend Kate.  I’m so looking forward to it, and grateful to Craig who’s coming home early so that I can have more time to play.

I’m going to drain some energy from the city to recharge my own batteries.   See ya’ Monday.

4 responses to “Changing my theme….

  1. Susan, I am in the DC area now as well. We ate in Georgetown Park at Clyde’s last night! Hope you have fun! I used to live here (B4 College)too! 🙂

    • I love Clyde’s! I may just have to go there while I’m in town. Oh – there’s too much to do and so little time….

  2. Have a great time recharging…totally agree on the shoes / pocketbook thing…bless her heart.

  3. I love your new look! And I’m so glad you don’t have kelly green shoes.

    Have fun this weekend!

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