My bucket is full…

Back from the big city…can I tell you it was bliss?  Traffic, energy…I called Craig from the Beltway to give him the narrative…”Look, it’s the Gallow’s Road exit!  Remember when we used to eat at that Peruvian place?”  or “I’m on I-66 and driving past the exit to our old house.”  (I actually went to our old house and pulled up to the curb and had a little moment.  We were so happy there.  I remembered our wedding day and stepping over the threshhold.  We thought we had the house to ourselves and enjoyed exactly two minutes of “Yeah, we’re married!” time before 40 people pulled up to the house and let themselves in.  Apparently they didn’t think we’d be there and had planned a birthday party for my mother-in-law after the wedding.)

I had girly time with Kate and her 4 year old daughter Ally.  We went shoe shopping for Ally (pink, tiny, cute) and spent several hours in the mall’s kid play area (or as we called it, “the pit of despair”) watching her run around while the two of us unloaded six months worth of “I worry about…” and “I feel guilty about…”  and “what should I do???”.  My heart needed it.

Sunday morning was a special privilege to watch Kate be baptized (from the wings of the baptistry!) and join the church we love and where we both married our respective husbands.  While many faces were new since we left 9 years ago, the older, grayer, fuller faces of those that have walked with us and supported us and prayed with us and laughed with us were the most treasured.

And then it was four hours of silence in the car on my way back to contemplate over the events and conversations of the weekend.  Pledges to do better at being a mom, prayers to strengthen the work of my hands, gratitude for the blessing of friends, and gratefulness to a husband who held it all together while I was gone.

My bucket is full today.

2 responses to “My bucket is full…

  1. That all sounds wonderful. I think I need a weekend away…

  2. Glad you had a good time. We sure did. You need to bring the kids next time. And I guess Craig can come too.

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