I want…

…a little more cabinet space
…a salon color for a box price
…the sun to shine
…a cleaning fairy
…the laundry to be done
…the sour milk smell to fade from the interior of my car
…to learn to knit in the round
…to be more patient
…to have a great pizza dough recipe
…a nap!


4 responses to “I want…

  1. I want someone to clean my kitchen now that dinner is over.

    And I really want a snow day tomorrow. Not looking likely though. 😦

  2. If you find a hook up on the salon color at a box price, let me know please! I’m right there with you! Been living with the box for quite some time now! 🙂

  3. I’m impressed that you were able to limit your wants. I must be more “want-y” than you today.

  4. I’ll e-mail you a great pizza dough recipe! Yum!!!!

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