Things I do Thursday…

No, this isn’t a list of what I do on Thursdays – I’m not that routinized, though I probably should be. Today is a Thursday, and this is a partial list of things I do that help me get my life organized (or at least give me the fleeting illusion that things are proper and in place).

1. I sort my dirty clothes as I take them off.  That saves me a step when I want to wash – I just grab a hamper and throw it in.  If the boys’ room was bigger, I’d give them two hampers, but it’s a little crowded in their room right now, so they only have one.  When it’s full, I wash.0021

2.  I keep my makeup routine to a minimum.  This is all I need to be gone for two days or two weeks. 0041

3.  I buy in bulk.  If I take my coups to the warehouse store, they’ll honor them, and most of the time I can get it for the same sale price at the regular grocery store.  This keeps me from having to run to the store more than once a week.  I love cooking and browsing the grocery store, but I do not love HAVING to go to the grocery to get a couple of items.  I’d rather have them on-hand and spend my time elsewhere.

01014.  Containerize, containerize, containerize…. It suits my personal style to have baskets that generally hold the stuff that I’m looking for.  It keeps me from having to be completely neat about lining things up on a shelf.  I use baskets for our shoes, library books, medicine, and miles of hot wheel tracks.


5.  I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly running across an errant Lego piece or a part of some toy.  I put them all in this little pitcher, and when it’s full (about once a week), I empty it out and let the boys put it all back where it belongs.


6.  I try to keep stuff from coming into the house.  I don’t know about you, but I feel guilty about the all the grocery sacks that go into the landfill just because of little ole’ me.  Last year I began buying the cloth sacks from my grocery store – one at a time – and now I have enough to hold an entire week’s worth of shopping.  I keep them by the door so that I can grab them on my way out.  Sometimes I forget, but I don’t beat myself up about it.  It’s a process….


7.  Kinda’ related..I save bits and pieces here and there and stash them in the freezer to use later on.  I buy whole chickens where possible and cut them up myself.  It doesn’t take that long and I use a good knife to make it easier.  I freeze the wing tips to use in stock.  I also freeze little bits of leftover veggies  – those single servings – and use them in pot pie or soup, and I save the pan juices from beef roasts for use in stews later on.  It saves money, yes, but I mainly do it because it gives me a better dish…


8.  I keep the pathway clear to my door.  Okay, no, I really don’t….typically this picture would feature a ginormous pile of boxes, bikes, cokes, random bits of junk…but Craig asked me last night if, as a favor to him, I would clean it up.  He NEVER asks me to clean anything, so I know this was a big deal to him.  So, it’s what I did today.  It only took me 15 minutes, but he’ll be happy when he walks in the door tonight, and I’m super happy to do it and show him I care…



5 responses to “Things I do Thursday…

  1. Impressive! I aspire to put that much thought into organization, but I have little hope of ever achieving such organizational greatness. I’m afraid I’m just too much of a second-born, type B kind of gal. (Although I am really big on getting as much out of the house as I can and my make-up bag would probably look a lot like yours. I guess I can take solace in that, huh?)

  2. I wanna be just like you, Sus. (Can I call you Sus?)

  3. She’s not even the first born! I’M the firstborn!! What’s wrong with this picture? Where’s the Type A that is my birth order entitlement? You know what I think part of the deal is, you don’t paralyze yourself if it isn’t perfect. You can put the medicine in the bin and write what’s in it on the side. I would need to find the label maker, or at least a good Sharpie and labels and then I’d have to decide whether to put all analgesics in one basket or further separate the kids’ from the adults’. And then should pain relief include throat lozenges? If not, then should the bin only have ibuprofen/acetaminophen products? So then I would just end up stuffing them all in a drawer. At least old Amy would. New Amy’s much better than old Amy but she still leaves VERY long comments.

  4. I used to have to make it perfect. Now I’m a “good enough” kind of person. Life’s too short. And my other medicine bins say “belly and bottom”, “cold and decongestants” (that’s where the throat lozenges go), and “first aid”. If I haven’t found what I’m looking for by then, then I’m not sick enough to take it…

  5. I’ve gotta say, I’m still thinking about how neat and organized your pantry shelves look! 🙂

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