Good time to invade Europe…

So I just got back from the Dominican Republic and we decided that since all the Germans, Danes, French and Spaniards are in the Caribbean, it might be a good time to invade Europe.  If for no other reason than we get to change their constitution to ban topless sun-bathing over the age of 60.  (I kept my eyes averted as best I could, but from what I observed, there were waaayyy too many ta-tas past their expiration date.)  In addition to topless women, we had Speedo-clad men.  Even the little Euro babies wore them.  Look at what I found in a kid’s gift shop in a 4T…


The weather was…well…let’s just say that I when I saw a couple of flies buzzing around together, I started looking for Noah.  These two pictures ought to give you an idea of what things were like.



Yep – it rained…all four days.  On the upside, I finished three library books that I had taken with me, so theoretically they won’t be late now.  I learned new ways to win at Jenga, and I perfected the art of napping to crummy weather.  But before you start feeling too sorry for me, remember that I LOVE storms.  And the fact that we had them every day kept me out of having to put on a swimsuit (which I should have put on my “do not love” list).

So, I’m glad to be back and I’m digging out from under the piles of mail (e- and snail).  I’m looking forward to catching up with YOU.  Leave me a note and tell me what you did over the last four days.  I’ll leave you with some other pictures I snapped. (Don’t worry – there are no exposed Europeans – and my favorite one is the last one.)





5 responses to “Good time to invade Europe…

  1. I went to the Kure Beach on Sunday with my family. It was 71 and sunny…and I didn’t have to wear a bathing suit. I’m sorry it rained, but I’m glad you got to take a nap and read books.

  2. Your trip sounds divine!! How often do you get to sleep to the sound of rain, finish reading what you started, and carry on a conversation with your best friend without interruption. Ahhh…heaven. What did I do the last four days? Stayed up too late, got up too early, never finished a single thing, and had multiple interrupted conversations. Also, got a juicy, KoolAid kiss from a 3 yr old, watched my big kids finish out their basketball season undefeated, witnessed my 5 yr old ride her bike without training wheels for the first time, and enjoyed a quiet car ride to the convenience store with my husband, just the two of us. It was a good four days.

  3. Oh man, sorry about the storms, but I think I would have enjoyed the solitude and the napping and all of that is better to me when it’s rainy/stormy.

    So…while you were gone, I did very exciting things like go grocery shopping, go to a baby shower, lose my car keys, spend an entire day searching for them, and return some books to the library only to discover that my family owes $17.15 in library fines. Lovely.

  4. Well, we were mopping up from the same storm system you got to experience. Good times!

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