Feeling kinda’ Monday…

Helloooooooo randomness!

1.  There is a green Force Action Light Saber stuck in my tree.  In the front yard.  For all the neighbors to see as they drive by.

2.  Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT try to plug in the cord from your husband’s electric razor into the base of your own.  Even if the plugs look like they might fit.  They don’t.  Trust me.

3.  Do not do #2 dripping wet, either.  Did you know that the warning labels about water and electricity not mixing are true?

4.  I may have won the Swiss lottery.  I just need to provide my bank account’s routing number…oh wait – it’s Swiss CAKE lottery…even better…

5.  I was slightly crafty over the weekend.  I made heart-shaped Valentine’s Day burgers.  Be ready for some sass.  Husbands are a little sensitive about grilling cutesy stuff on their manly grill.

6.  Steel wool will take the scaley film off your shower faucets.  If yours are scaley, which I’m sure they’re not.  Mine aren’t.  Anymore.

7.  I am, from here on out, forbidden to eat spicy food for supper.  Adding extra hot sauce to my red beans and rice seemed like a good idea at the time, but it gave me nightmares about vampires and I actually thought one was in bed with me, so I took him out.  Only turns out it wasn’t a vampire – it was my dear sweet husband.  Fortunately for him, there was something in between us that took the brunt of the blow.  Unfortunately, it was the cat.

8.  I have not had a carbonated beverage in four days.  I was going to announce that I’ve given up cokes but I wasn’t sure that it would hold over the weekend.  Well, it did, so I’m feeling kinda’ confident about laying it out there now.  I have absolutely no reason for giving up cokes other than I do random things like this just to make life interesting.

9.  Had a great Sunday School class yesterday.  My thought for the week involves readjusting my attitude.  My teacher told the story of the little boy coming down for Christmas and finding nothing but a pile of manure under the tree.  He starts digging through it gleefully saying “There’s a pony here somewhere”.

10.  I’m on Twitter now.  For no other reason than Meredith suggested it.  I hope she doesn’t suggest we rob a bank or drive off a cliff in a convertible.  I’m really busy this week and have other things to do.  If you are a Twit like me and want me to stalk follow you, leave me your username.  Mine is…ta-da….carpoolqueen.

Have a great day and may the Force be with you!



3 responses to “Feeling kinda’ Monday…

  1. Interesting Monday you’re having…
    I loved your random list, and would really like to hear more about #2 and #3.


  2. You are a HOOT!

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