Here comes that rainy day feeling again…

Flannel sheets + flannel PJ’s + rain hitting the windowsill = Don’t want to get out of bed.

It was very cozy in my bed this morning listening to the pitter-patter of the rain outside my window, and I hit the snooze four times before I remembered that I’m the only adult in the house and “if it is to be, it’s up to me”.   Fortunately, the boys woke up on their own and they were in a good mood because they were curious as to what I was going to make them for breakfast.  Why would they be curious, you ask?  Because I don’t make breakfast.  Ever.  Unless Craig’s out of town.  So when it’s my turn to make breakfast, I try to do something very creative so that when the kids are grown they won’t say “My mom never made me breakfast.”  Instead, they’ll say “My mom made us peanut butter and marshmallow waffle sandwiches for breakfast.”  Yep, that’s what we had today.

I’m tired of breakfast (all three times I’ve had to fix it this year).  More honestly, I’m tired at breakfast.  And so are my kids.  Does anyone have anything fun or creative they do for this most important meal of the day?  For some odd reason, my kids do not hesitate to be vocal about their opinion of the menu.  And sometimes at 6:45 in the morning, I do not hesitate to be vocal about what I think about their opinion, and then it starts us off in a bad way. And I would really really really like to start each day in a happy way.  You don’t believe me?  See below.


I am a Holly Hobbie girl from way back.  This plate hung in my bedroom as a child, then on the wall of every apartment or house I have ever lived in.  It is one of my most treasured possessions.  It currently hangs on the laundry room wall next to the door leading out to the garage (my home’s front door – I have a real front door but NO ONE ever uses it – not even the UPS guy.)  It’s a reminder to me to start each day fresh and anew.

And as a complete aside, this photo is being brought to you in black and white, not because I think it’s artistic and such, but because I just added an IRL friend to my blog roll, Gretchen, and she’s a decorator, and it just struck me that I have a yellow/green plate on a yellow wall, and I didn’t want her to see that in color because it probably violates all that is holy and sacred in her decorator world.  So there, Gretchen, you have my dirty little secret.  I can’t decorate worth a flip.

And so we come to the end of another post of Carpoolqueen randomness.

Breakfast and Holly Hobbie.

Must be the rain…


5 responses to “Here comes that rainy day feeling again…

  1. I LOVE holly hobbie!
    I HATE fixing breakfast!
    We have so much in common.
    (John does breakfast in our house too)
    Yesterday, they had sweet potato pie for breakfast. Sweet potatoes are a vegetable. Right?

  2. Did you know that Holly Hobbie recently made a comeback? My girls have a couple of HH dvds (she’s new and improved and much more hip, but still wholesome) and sometimes they play games at

    I don’t mind breakfast. It’s lunch that I despise making because I’m not a sandwich girl. I usually make some kind of muffins each week and we try to eat on them all week long…but that really hasn’t been happening lately. It’s cold cereal or bagels or toast. And sometimes even pop-tarts.

  3. For breakfast, we have peanut butter on toast with maple syrup…a lot. I don’t like fixing breakfast, lunch, or supper. Isn’t that terrible?? Probably because one kiddo can’t have dairy and one kid doesn’t eat meat, so I can’t fix four of the same thing…I feel like a short order cook most of the time. My cousin had a Holly Hobbie comforter set when she was little…I loved it.

  4. AG often insists on pancakes with sprinkles. Fancy one, she is. 🙂

    That’s about as creative as we get.

  5. Just returned from catching up with Craig before he headed back home. I happened to read your posting today and recounted what you made for breakfast. I believe his response went something like this:

    “Oh great. For the next few days, they’ll be looking at the breakfast I make and saying ‘What, this is it?’ ”

    You’re welcome. 🙂

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