Looking for the pony in the pile of…


So, when I said that I learned the lesson from my Sunday School class this week about adjusting my attitude, I thought that writing those words meant that I had grasped the concept.  Apparently, God thought that I needed to work on my little attitude today.

On the schedule?  One 30 minute appointment at Duke to get Travis’ new foot braces fit to his feet.  The old ones rubbed a hole through his skin.  Yes, you read that correctly.  A hole, through his skin, clear to his ankle bone.  Thanks.  So we arrive to find that while the appointment was on our schedule, and on the main computer’s schedule, some hiccup had not placed it on our therapist’s (LOVE her) schedule.  No problem, though.  Therapist #2 has a couple of minutes (LOVE her – our kids went to preschool together).

Pile of Crud 1:  New shoes don’t fit. (This is the 3rd pair we’ve tried in the last six months) Pony – Thank you God that our therapist is working with us to make sure it’s right.

Pile of Crud 2:  Therapist #2 has now spent so much time with us that she has to get back to her regularly scheduled lineup. Pony – Thank you, God, that she was willing to step in and help us out.

Pile of Crud 3:  Therapist #3 shows up (LOVE her – her husband did T’s surgery) and says everything is so hosed up that we’re going to have to take the scissors to these AFO’s and try to fashion something that will work.  Pony – Thank you, God, that someone senior is aware of the issue we’ve been having and that she’s going to call the manufacturer because something’s clearly not right.  And thank you, God, that she’s suggesting something new that may work for T so that his gait normalizes.

Pile of Crud 4:  Taking care of Pile#3 takes one hour per foot and she has someone else coming in. Pony – Thank you, God, that the lady heard about the schedule mix-up and offered to come in later since she was going to have to hang around all day anyway for another appointment.

Pile of Crud 5:  Didn’t realize we’d be there that long and haven’t brought lunch. Pony – Thank you, God, that Travis ate a huge breakfast and there’s a vending machine.

Pile of Crud 6:  While going to vending machine to get lunch with the quarters I’ve dug from the bottom of my purse, T takes a dive in his walker and both go crashing to the ground.  In front of witnesses.  While I am not paying attention.  Pony – Thank you, God, that he didn’t hit his head on the corner of the table as he went down.

Pile of Crud 7:  Woman makes snide remark that it would not have happened if I had tied his shoes. Pony – Nope.  No pony here.

Pile of Crud 8: I take issue with woman from #7. Not even a whinny.

Pile of Crud 9:  Takes 3 hours to get out the door. Pony – Thank you, God, that I didn’t have anything else on the schedule today.

Pile of Crud 10:  I show up to the house at the same time as the therapist (who’s bringing students with her today) and the house hasn’t been picked up (because I was going to pick up after we got back from the 30 minute appointment). Pony – Thank you, God, that another child kicked it into gear and I got the worst stashed before they walked in.

Pile of Crud 11:  My other two boys dying for extra attention today and I’m frustrated from 1-10, so I snap.  Oooohhh, can we say ugly”? Pony – His mercies are new every morning.

Great is Thy faithfulness.


6 responses to “Looking for the pony in the pile of…

  1. I’m sorry for all the crud. Do you need bail money or backup for #8? Because you know I’m good for either or both.

  2. I’m praying that lady in #7,8 has a bigger pile dropped in on her day…and, I’m with whimzie, let me know when and where and I’m there!

  3. Good job with the attitude. I gotta remember to look for the pony (and not the ponis–can’t let it die, sorry).

    And I’m very sorry you had such a long hard day.

    So…did your husband make that HUGE breakfast that T ate? Might that be another pony in all of this? Or are you still on b’fast duty this week?

  4. I’m sorry for your challenging day, but oddly encouraged. I can imagine that you handled it all with grace. I’m laughing at the picture in my mind of Whimzie, Tracey and me standing with you and “taking on” Lady #7. She has no idea who she is dealing with.

  5. That lady in #7 can just eat my pony manure.


    I know…I’m not proud of my impulsive outburst. But my pony is that I’ll repent. In a bit.

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