It’s raining men…

Alternative title – “A week in the life of a mom of boys”

This week they dug up the backyard in an attempt to create a tunnel to the neighbor kid’s house three doors down.  And when one hole didn’t work, they’d try another…



They practiced their spelling and punctuation….


They used Dad’s tools….this time it was the hacksaw on the dogwood that is mere weeks from blooming…


They exercised their minds with creative problem solving.  A Lego warrior had fallen into the great abyss (otherwise known as the hole in the middle of the concrete picnic table) and they theorized that dumping a case full of cokes that Mom doesn’t drink anymore might FLOAT the warrior back up to the top so that they could rescue him.  When that didn’t work, they just piled the bottlecaps on top of him and buried him in a dignified manner.


Only the Lord has saved them from a similar fate…..


7 responses to “It’s raining men…

  1. I came over from Life at 7000 feet. Girl, you are hilarious! I look forward to reading more! (I’m in NC too.)

  2. The creativity…the industriousness….life with boys..what’s truly amazing is that their moms let them make it to adulthood!

  3. Hey…at least they’re being CREATIVE!

    Guess what? Fran picked ‘ponis’. I knew it. I KNEW it.

  4. One of Mer’s friends….

    And I have 3 boys, too. When I first started reading this post I really thought that you had come over and taken picts of my backyard. My boys are always digging up something!!

    Love your blog!

  5. As Bill Cosby would say, “The beatings will no commence!”.

    Too funny. Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

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