In case you’re going to the Target…

I used to be a Walmart girl.  I went to college in southern Arkansas and then to graduate school at THE University of Arkansas (woo Pig!), so you’d think it would be safe to assume that I support the home team and shop at Walmart.  Uh-uh.  Not if I can avoid it.  I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve been there and not been able to push a cart down the aisle for all the mess that’s been in the middle of it.  The last time I darkened their doors was the day I had to go SEVEN aisles out of my way before I could get a wheelchair around the restocking stuff.  Tell us, Susan, how you really feel?  This was not intended to be a ranty post, but apparently I have deep-seeded issues about Walmart. Let’s continue onto other more pleasant things, like the purpose of this essay, which would be about the lovely and clean and open-aisled place called Target.

So I’m at the Target (yes, I occasionally lapse into poor grammar.  That’s how I roll when I don’t feel like using my post-graduate degree) the other day and I found a little jar of randomness that I stuck in my cart.  Do you do this?  I’m usually one of those people that sticks to the list, but sometimes I purposefully go without a list to try and get inspired.  I was inspired to the tune of about $400 once with a Kate Spade purse.  Oh, how it called my name.


You gotta’ love Indian food.  I just discovered it in the last couple of years.  There are waaay too many ingredients for me to try cooking it at home, but when I saw this little jar of Archer Farms Vindaloo Simmer Sauce, I just had to try it.  Did you notice that little shout-out, Target people?  Let me tell you, 4-6 people read my  blog.  I can move MAJOR merchandise for you.  Have your people call my people.  Oh, and dear reader, did you notice the jar was empty (and out of focus)?  It was so good that I dug through the trash to haul it out so that I can share it with you.  This is how desperate I am for a blog post today delicious it is.

To prepare, take chicken parts, brown them in a tiny bit of oil/butter, then pour the jar on top.  Put the lid on, and let it simmer for half an hour.  Seriously, that’s all there is to it.  It’s even easier and quicker if you have chopped, cooked chicken in your freezer.  No browning necessary – just dump, heat and serve over rice.

Hope you have a great day shopping at TARGET.  And happy eating.



8 responses to “In case you’re going to the Target…

  1. Isn’t Target fabulous? I was just showing off my $4.oo (on clearance) Target purse last night. I’m big on Target fashion. Thanks for the tip… we’ll have to try it. 🙂

  2. I love Target so much, and get all kinds of excited when I’m actually headed to LR so I can stop by. It stinks living where there is ONLY WalMart….grrrrr…..

    Food sounds yummy.

  3. I saved reading your blog for when I was in the middle of lesson plans for next week…because I knew it would make me laugh…and I, OH SO, need to laugh when I’m doing lesson plans. Lovin’ the Target shopping…hatin’ my new very tight budgeted life…sigh.

  4. Okay, I’ll pick up some Vindaloo next time I’m at Target, which sadly, is some 14 miles from my house and requires me to PLAN a trip there.

    Please tell me (humor me) that you dug that jar out of the recycle bin and not the trash can.

  5. new here… just letting you know I’m feeling right at home… love your sense of humor! will try the sauce and see if I like your sense of cuisine, too.

  6. Okay…Vindaloo it is. Target is one of my dirty habits…er…oft visited marketplaces.

    And jar to plate cooking? My kinda deal.

  7. Oh yeah…love me some TARGET! I had a friend in a bible study group one time who said that her husband teased her that she was a Target Team Member because she shopped there so much!

  8. I wondered if this was any good – now I have to try it next time I go to Target! Thanks! BTW – there is a great website that I use for Indian recipes – if I don’t just borrow my friend Neeti, that is…it is called and they even have instructional VIDEOS! It is awesome.

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