Ride ’em Cowboy!

It’s a pony kind of day.  No crud around. Here’s my squash blossom hanging out with me in the car on our way to Duke.  He’s VERY happy to be ditching school, can’t you tell? I swear most days my kids are in school.  Just not this week.



The pic above is the Children’s Hospital where two of my kids have had three surgeries.  I’m just going to say now that Duke better give us a full ride when it comes to college, because I feel like I’ve been on the pre-pay plan for several years now….

And here we are going into our favorite place…Miss Katie’s Bakery (otherwise known as Lenox Baker where our favorite therapist, Katie, works).


And then I took my precious charge back to school and then….wait for it…are you ready for this…GOT MY HAIR CUT because it looked so awful in the pics I posted when I was knitting that it has bugged the ever lovin’ life out of me since then. And now you know that the Carpool Queen is really Dorothy Hammill.


And YES my house is a disaster.  But apparently I’m vain enough to care more about what you think about my hair than my house.

And I stretched my arm farther this time so my face wouldn’t be so round.


9 responses to “Ride ’em Cowboy!

  1. Cute, cute hair. And thankful for a pony day!

  2. Your haircut is so cute!

  3. Veddy, veddy cool. I’m all for school skipping. And Dorothy Hamill has nothin’ on you. I think it’s adorable.

    Funny-you want to unround, and I’m always thinking “de-chin”. 😉 We are a mite too hard on ourselves.

  4. I almost couldn’t finish reading because I was so distracted by how clean your car looks in the background of your cutie-pie’s picture. I don’t see a toy or a juice stain in sight! Glad your visit went well today! Nice haircut, too!

  5. Love the haircut! Very cute. You just reminded me that I need to go get mine done. Gettin’ kinda shaggy.

    School skipping days are the best!! 🙂

  6. Hey Dorothy, you look fabulous!!!

    I really do love the cut … I’m getting mine tomorrow and I can’t wait!
    We’ll be new women together on Sunday!

  7. I LOVE your hair! But I always have been envious of how thick your hair is…this coming from MISS THIN HAIR! herself! You look good girl!

  8. So happy that your day was better than that last one!

    Love the hair. Listen, when there is a choice to make between sharing good hair and house keeping, I choose the first. Every. Time.

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