Thank you for being a friend


My friend just pulled out of the driveway, all packed into a car with her husband and her little ones, headed north to life in Massachussetts.  I think she may have packed a little piece of my heart.  Or maybe that little gate that keeps the tears from spilling out.

For 20 years I have been blessed by her friendship.  This picture tells you all you need to know about two young women who met on a college campus in a sleepy little town.  She was the bright and shiny one with the sparkly earrings and the effervescent personality that had the legions of admirers.  I was the more reserved one that gave out her phone number and who grew to confidence because of her encouragement.

It’s a friendship born out of late night trips to Subway to eat Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip cookies and talk about the things that young girls talk about.  It is an easy friendship that has lately seen a lot of hard things that coeds in a sub shop couldn’t have imagined would come.

To be invited to participate in the sacred moments of life with someone is such a privilege, isn’t it?

8 responses to “Thank you for being a friend

  1. Good friends are priceless. I have a couple of those good friends made on that same sleepy town campus…nothin’ like ’em.

  2. I love it when my girl friends come to visit.

    Conversation over Chocolate Chips Cookies…those are the best kind of friends!

  3. Beautiful!! This one brought tears to my eyes! Love you both!

  4. We remember parts and characters of the story very differently. I don’t remember the legions of admirers or my phone ringing off the hook. I remember you being the wiser, much more together one with the plan and the savior faire that I always seemed to be lacking. I always hoped I’d be a little more like you when I grew up.

    Anyway, my “gate” isn’t working that well these days and after this it could certainly use some WD40 right now. Plus I’m trying to type this on my phone so I will close by saying I am so thankful for sleepy little college towns and chocolate chip cookies and friendships that have stood the test of time.

  5. Oh my goodness…ya’ll look just EXACTLY the same as you did 20 years ago!

    This was a sweet, sweet post. I love you guys.

  6. My Kansas City BFF and I were laughing and crying on the phone today and I was thinking the same thing. What a special gift to be given such special relationships!!!

    PS- I really liked your category label. True Carpoolqueen style. 🙂

  7. Well, from that sleepy little town, I have to say it misses you both. What a sight for sore eyes. I know your time together was precious!

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