Fill you in Friday

In which I catch you up on those little things that amused me this week but somehow I couldn’t manage to make them coherently fit into any of my blog posts.

1.  This light has been on for about six weeks now.  And I keep checking it like I’m supposed to.  It’s flat.  Now what?  Note to GM:  If you want me to do something about it, you might want to update the software so it’ll spell it out for me.


2.  The light may have been on for longer than six weeks, but most days I don’t notice the light because I can’t get past THIS sight that greets me every morning as I climb into the driver’s seat.


Traveler coffee cup – empty.

Granola bar wrapper – empty

Advil bottle – empty

Calendar – expired three months ago

Gym card – motivation expired at about the same time as the calendar

3.  Remember this?


It now looks like THIS!


4.  And just in time for our weekly installment of “What the boys destroyed today”, I think they may have gotten into my lipstick.

On the left is what my 947 tubes of lipstick always look like.  On the right is the 948th one. 

And not that it matters to anyone, but I have lipstick issues.  Every single tube I have is named something different, yet I always manage to buy the exact same shade.


What does your lipstick say about you?  Click here and let me know.

5.  Remember I was going to give up cokes?  Just because it seemed like the thing to do?  Apparently I am back into drinking cokes now.  Amy and I went to TARGET yesterday (still working on that blog sponsorship thang) and I bought this.


It looked like juice and Amy said it was delicious.  I never thought about the whole SODA thing.

Anyway, it’s good, and it’s at T-A-R-G-E-T.

Have a nice day.

7 responses to “Fill you in Friday

  1. I wonder where the rest of the lipstick is. I have a few that look like this. They’re all the same color, too.

    Your project looks fantastic!!!!

    The blood orange soda – does it taste like orange soda?

  2. I have 947 tubes of lipstick and never wear any of them. Go figure. I’ve newly become a chapstick/lip gloss girl. But I still buy new lipstick….weird.

    Lovin’ your project!

  3. Great progress on your knitting project!

    I really need some new lipstick…and I’m too embarrassed to show you mine. Just looking at it, it would appear that my lips are concave. Or is it convex? Oh well…it’s weird, I know that.

    Now I have two reasons to make the trek to Target. I usually don’t go unless I have three, so you need to come up with one more for me, okay?

  4. I can SO relate to the “lipstick issues”…I feel insecure every time I buy it because I am clueless as to what shade to get. I once “splurged” and bought some Clinique lipstick because I liked the color, and it seemed to blend well with my skin (on the back of my hand–there was no way I was putting the “tester” stuff on my mouth–I have germ issues, too…) So when I got home and applied the new color, I realized why I liked it so much…it was the exact color of my lips! Yep…I’m clueless.

  5. Oh, geez…I’m a sharp angled tip. Guilty. I, too, purchase only one shade of lipstick. Sadly, I must be forgetful and obsessive because I have the compulsion to buy more each time I’m in a store. More of the same. Whaaaaatever.

    Lurve your knitting project. Hopelessly jealous of the knitting in the round skillz.

  6. Loved the picture of your empty packages in the car. Mine looks the exact same way… only I have 3298 receipts and empty Trident gum wrappers there too.

  7. I checked out the lipstick shapes and I fall under the smooth rounded tip category.

    That totally cracked me up about the boys’ tube… I always know when my girls have been ‘testing’ my shades… we are still learning the art of twisting the tube down before returning the lid.

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