Migration’s not just for geese

I’m consolidating blogs.  Last year I had done a little blogging on MySpace before I discovered that all my friends lived at Facebook.  In the interest of simplifying my life, I’m closing down the MySpace account, but I don’t want to lose my blog entries, so I’ll be migrating some of my posts over here (I may like backup as a pantry option, but not in cyberworld.)

Since we’ve been talking about hair this week, here’s a little something from July of last year that will show you that the hair thing is a constant obsession.  And try to ignore the odd spacing and line breaks.  Apparently “copy and paste” brought over some funky code that I can’t seem to undo.  Sigh.


The Discount Hair Place/ Finding a New Hairdresser

I’m in between hairdressers.  Translated, that means that my old hairdresser, whom I adored, got so popular that it was impossible to book him in the same week that my hair decided to go out of style, and he jacked his prices up beyond my personal comfort level.  And really, if I’m perfectly honest, it’s also because I cheated on him while I was in Oklahoma and had someone else cut and color my hair, and I have this weird thing about cheating on your hairdresser, so I refused to do the walk of shame back into his salon with my grown out highlighted Oklahoma head.  As much as I loved him, it was time to move on.

The beauty of moving on in these kind of relationships is that it allows you to reset the bar in terms of what you spend on personal grooming.  I live in a metropolitan area where even the Mitchell’s charges $115 for a cut and color. As my friends will tell you, I’ve had varying degrees of success on the color front.  For the record, I’m blaming the lighting at my local Rite Aide for some of the more interesting colors my head has recently sported. The hairdresser side of the equation has been a complete and total bust.

In my search, I had to immediately strike out my first NC hairdresser – I cheated on him three years ago with my most recent ex-hairdresser.  I thought I could get away with it, but now he’s opened a new shop right by my grocery store and I occasionally see him and it’s getting to be a covert operation just to get out of produce without being spotted.  I’m seriously considering switching grocery stores.  I went to another one whose name is Britain, but apparently that’s not her original name, but she told me if I come back she’d tell me why.  I sense drama, and I get enough of that on Days of Our Lives.  So she’s out.

Yesterday I stopped in a new salon that just opened up next to my dry cleaners.  I had three bad hair days in a row, so it was time to get something done about it.  The sign said “walk-ins welcome”, so I went in.  And they had people available to help me.  Except for one thing.  I apparently was not the target audience for this particular salon. Which was not evident until I went in through the door. All the signs on the outside make it look like a typical place.  All the signs on the inside are geared toward a different clientele with different hair issues than mine.  And now they’re looking at me with a slightly wide-eyed look and asking if they can help, (do they think I’m lost?) and what can I do?  I can’t walk out.  That might be considered rude.   And then I sit down and look on the wall, only to discover that she’s just received her cosmetology license.  This has disaster written all over it.

Fortunately, there were no major issues.  I decided to go with a bob, which was not my first choice of hairstyle, but I’ve heard it’s the easiest to do, so we went with it.  I paid my $20 (I paid the extra $6 for the blow dry – I was feeling rich) and was out the door.  I didn’t get asked when I wanted to schedule my next appointment, so apparently they don’t want me back.

The search continues.

At least I won’t have to change drycleaners.


3 responses to “Migration’s not just for geese

  1. oh, I wish I could lend you my Tia. She is so fantastic, and though regular-expensive, totally worth every penny.

    as in she gives you a MASSAGE during the shampoo process. like, your scalp, neck and shoulders.

    if you’re ever in soCal, you just let me know 🙂

  2. I’ve committed hairdresser adultry several times….leaves me guilt-ridden. Thing about small towns though…I think all the beauty shop gals get together once a month and compare notes to see who is being promiscuous in each other’s chairs. Because I always get the “Aha” look. Shameful.

  3. You know, it’s taken a while, and I’m certainly not hugely extravagent, as I only go every 3 months, but I find it’s worth every penny to get exactly what you want and what makes you feel pretty. Or, as I always say, put back to the way God intended. I’m a firm believer that greys and bad hair days are of this world.

    Use generic toilet paper or frozen vs. fresh veggies. The hair is no place to skimp. Good luck with your search.

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