Why am I up Wednesday?

Another gripping installment of “Ask Sus”

1.  Sus, why are you up so early?

I have no idea.

2.  Did you eat Mexican again?

I wish I could stop eating.  I have been on a serious binge since Craig brought home the mega pack of candy bars.  Because I only needed 6 regular Hershey bars for the chocolate fondue and he decided that for only $40 more, I could live in my own Wonka World. This is why I love my husband.  He enables completes me.

3.  Any closing thoughts on “The Bachelor?”

Yes, I will never make up a song again to the Oscar Mayer tune.  It drove me batty.  Though not nearly as batty as He Who Must Not Be Named In My Blog Ever Again. I am, however, totally psyched to watch “The Bachelorette.”  Program your Tivo, dear reader, or plan to watch along with me.  I’m sure I’ll be opinionated.

4.  What’s on your agenda for the day?

I would have to say managing withdrawal.  My computer’s going to be down most of the morning since the cable guy’s coming and switching all of our stuff over to U-Verse.  The kids are hyper-ventilating about maybe losing their favorite channels.  Craig and I are hyperventilating over saving $50 a month off our bill.  And I’m doubly excited about the switch to AT&T because this puts me in the family where the iPhone resides.  And I’ve been angling for one for a while since my current contract is up for renewal.  Let’s hope my husband reads my blog today.  Nothing says lovin’ like a new iPhone for our anniversary.

5.  Anything in the news that’s caught your eye?

A guy spent 3 years of his life studying bellybutton lint.  I could have told him more than he wanted to know.  With four males in my house, I also could have cut his research time in half with what they present to me on a weekly basis.  I wish I were kidding about the “presenting it to me” part.

6.  What was she thinking?


Who wears these to a theme park?  And how did she walk in them?  Sus has no answer.

Just like I have no answer for this.



6 responses to “Why am I up Wednesday?

  1. I think your blog is my new favorite. You make me laugh every single time I visit here.

  2. Oh, I do love me my iphone. I do. Her name is Apple. Because I wanted to be all Gwynethy. And now that she has a pink sleeve, she’s called Pink Apple, or Papple for short.

    Of course the day after I got her, the 3G was released. But OH well. I’m a simpleton, so really, a 2 G is about all I can handle, and it was better than the Fisher Price phone I had used before.

    Say it, Harry: Voldemesnick.

  3. could not be gladder I subscribed to your blog. hysterical.

  4. Dude! I SO want an iPhone too. Did you know you can get refurbished ones on the ATT website for like 100 bucks cheaper? You still have to fork out all the dough every month which is the killer, but hey – at least its something.

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