We’re pleased to announce…

I guess he does read my blog…..


Isn’t that blue ribbon just the cutest thing?  I think it really shows off his little block iHead.

And look, here he is on his tummy.  Don’t you just want to squeeze those little cheeks?


And I sneaked a quick shot while his eyes were open.  I’m partial to pink, and he’ll probably wear that every day, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to show off the little blue onesie that his dad bought for him…..


And he’s starting to babble a little bit (and play ABBA) and is so excited about the giveaway...


In case you were wondering, his name is Moses.  Gretchen has Apple, so I decided I’d name mine Moses, and we’d just pretend we were Gwyneth’s kids. 

And the whole Promised Land thing seemed apropos ….

If you need me today, I’ll be in the corner, downloading apps…..

9 responses to “We’re pleased to announce…

  1. moses! ha! that is HYSTERICAL! congratulations on your new arrival.

  2. Oh…I can’t decide if I like the bow better or the bracelet.

    Tis nice to have options.

  3. Oh so swanky.

    Congratulations on the new addition.

    I wonder if Promised Land Moses’ robes were pink? If not, they should’ve been.

  4. Congratulations!

    He’s beautiful. But don’t you think little moses might get confused in his little pink outfit?

    Not that its wrong or anything…


  5. I’ve never thought about naming my phone…

    I like the pink but I’m afraid he’s going to be gender-confused, friend.

    Enjoy your new toy. John told me today about this guy who got lost on Mt. Everest. They found him because he had his iphone with him and were able to track him with it. Sadly, he didn’t make it, but the iphone is still ticking. Aren’t you glad to know that?

  6. Aaww…
    when I met him he was just a wee lad, a mere few hours old and bare neekkid.

  7. hmmmm…I’m trying to decide where to go with my comment…should I follow the lines of “cute new arrival”? I think I’m leaning more toward “how long would it take me to drive to NC, sneak into her house and iphone-nab the new arrival?” Is that bad? I guess Moses wouldn’t approve because he had something to with those tablets that I think had “thou shalt not covet your neighbor’s iphone” written on them.

  8. Ahh!! I am SOOOOOO jealous!. My anniversary, Christmas and my birthday fall within one month of each other, and I totally tired to convince my hubby that an iphone would be the perfect gift, and he was not having any of it. Well, I now have an allowance, and I am saving up to get my own. I have to have 6 mos worth of iphone $ before i get to get it. I should be joining you in iphone joy sometime next month.

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