Wednesday Winner!!!!

Drumroll, please……..


Timestamp: 2009-03-10 18:10:13 UTC

And the winner is Gretchen from Jewels in My Crown Someday (I had two contestants named Gretchen!) and I’m so excited for her because she was actually the first to beg comment on the giveaway post.  And she just celebrated her fabulous 40th birthday, so this will be the Carpoolqueen’s birthday gift to her.

Send me your addy, Gretchen, and your little bit of crafty goodness will soon be on its way.


And on a completely unrelated note, I overheard the following yesterday.

Tommy:  I dropped my Lego binocular through the hole in the deck and I can’t reach it.

JJ:  Well, just crawl underneath.

Tommy:  I don’t want to crawl underneath.  There are sticky plants and dirt under there.  JJ, you do it.

JJ:  No way.  I’m not going under there. I’m the neat boy.  I don’t get dirty.

Tommy:  You’re not allowed to be the neat boy.  The only one around here that can’t get dirty is Mom.


You may now address me as “Her Majesty”


7 responses to “Wednesday Winner!!!!

  1. Yay me!!!

    It’s nice to know your children know their positions (and yours) in life.

    God save the queen.

  2. You.Are.Kidding.Me!!!
    I neglect to read your blog for one week and I miss THIS!!!!!! Trust me when I say, this will never happen again. That bracelet was mine. MINE! Oh so much cuteness.

  3. congrats to gretchen! and ditto her comment. so funny!

  4. Well, your majesty, I’m happy for Gretchen! She is my bloggy bff.

  5. You may have to get all kinds of craftaliscious again and make another one of those spiffy bracelets. Because it’s almost my birthday and I think I should win one, too….just saying.

    And I’m with Gretchen….good to know your fellas understand the hierarchy.

  6. Congrats Gretchen!

    And we are a Lego family too!

    And you wouldn’t catch me under our deck….I am certain there are a number of different bugs creatures and scary things down there.

  7. Yay for Gretchen and Yay for boys and their legos…I heart both.

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