I’d like to thank the Academy….


I just received my first little bloggy award from Amber at Raising Rascals.  She’s a self-described stalker of my blog, and I’m so glad she finally decided to ‘fess up and show up in my comments.

When I was little, I used to lock myself in my room, stand in front of the oval mirror and grab my hairbrush and practice my acceptance speech.  I thanked my parents, my Raggedy Anne, the dogs and cats and anyone else that I felt deserved a shout out but never my brothers because they teased me mercilessly and once woke me up by dangling a dead rat over my head. 

They would be back in the acceptance speech today because they made up for the rat by giving me a radar detector for graduation.

They’re practical that way.

And nothing says “You’re forgiven” faster than the ability to go 15-20 over the limit without fear of retribution.

Today I’d like to thank the Wii-Fit to please stop groaning when I step on it.  I swear that thing says “Ouch”, and it’s not encouraging or in the least bit motivating.

41q3tahrnul_aa280_1I’d like to thank Doritos for making the Spicy Sweet Chili flavored chips.  And for maintaining job security for the Wii-Fit.


I’d like to thank my children for pointing out the hair that grows on my chinny chin chin.


I’d like to thank an old ex-high school friend for posting the following photo of me on his Facebook page and thus letting the whole entire world know that I forgot I had to get senior pics taken right after basketball practice.

No amount of Cover Girl and talcum powder through the hair was going to erase the mullet sweat and terry cloth headband hair …and the guy next to me is not the ex-friend but another friend that just happened to get scanned in as well, so these are his 15 minutes of fame and you all will now know that he had perfect hair and had obviously attended military school since birth.


And as I hear the music playing, queuing me to get off-stage, I’d like to thank you all for not laughing.


In the spirit of shout-outs, I’m passing my award on to bloggy sisters New Every A.M. for inspiring me with her craftiness, Tracey for teaching my kids to pee in a potty, Amy for teaching me how to knit something other than a scarf, and Whimzie at Snoodlings.

Because she’s all that and a bag of Doritos.


12 responses to “I’d like to thank the Academy….

  1. So much fun in this to ponder. I had that mullet in 9th grade. Yep. Except mine was blonde, of course.

    My son notes me as “squishy”, so I’m fun to hug. Thanks, Benedict Arnold.

    I still have an unused check from my inlaws for the Wii fit (at Christmas they were gone). You make it sound so pleasing that I cannot wait experience this first-hand.

    Congrats on the award. Well deserved.

  2. Oh, thank you for that laugh… I needed that!

  3. PS- My husband and I both love the carpoolqueen blog. It is so good and so funny. Congrats!

  4. Congratulations on your award! And my deepest thanks for passing an award to me…it’s my first award and I’m so excited! (what do I do now?? I didn’t prepare a speech…) OK, I’ll steal one from one of my least favorite actresses…”You like me, you really like me!” Sorry, it’s all I could think of.
    Have a great day!

  5. You DEFINITELY deserve an award for this blog…
    so congrats.

    Love the mullet. I had one too. Ugh. Painful to think about.

  6. They say the first step is admission…..so I’m well on my way.

    Your mullet is radical.

  7. I never had the Mullet. I was more of the Dorothy Hamill gone 90’s Permed Prom Queen. Although I never was queen, but I wore enough hair gel to be one.

    Congrats on the award!

  8. My horrible hair moment was in the 2nd grade, THE 2ND GRADE! My mom gave my too short hair a HOME PERM. Now you tell me, who do you feel sorry for? Mortified. Kids were not kind.

  9. Oh my goodness…this made me laugh so hard! I had the “Old MacDonald” perm syndrome here a perm (in the back only), there a perm (on the top only)….everywhere a perm perm (of course, all over)…. IF they came back in style I MAY or MAY NOT be one of the first to jump back on board…

    I love the WiiFit–wish I had one of me own…have to use in-laws…

    Congrats on your award…well deserved!

  10. I think you and Military Guy make kind of a cute couple (don’t tell your husband I said that) . My senior picture memories are of my eye doing a funny winking tic thing which it had never done before, all throughout the shoot. So half my pictures had one eye closed. I think yours is da bomb.

  11. Oh, darlin! You have no idea how much I needed the kind of boost that a blog award can deliver!
    THANK YOU!!!!

    And then, to top it with a high school picture of the Queen, herself! It made we want to say, “Get out! She’s so gnarly in those bodacious feathered wings!”

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