Fun on Friday

The title’s a little misleading because my fun was actually on Thursday but I was so busy having fun that I had to wait til today to tell you about it.  I guess I could have told you about it at midnight because I was jacked up on regular coffee from Karen’s Pampered Chef Party.  She has seven kids and DOES NOT DRINK COFFEE, but she made it because she knows I can’t function without it.  I don’t know how we’re friends with the no coffee thing, but she says she is not vice-less because her drug of choice is regular Coke.

Have you been to a PC party lately? It had been 5 years for me, but I was happy to see that the recipes were still outstandingly delicious and they still had the nylon scrapers.  You do have a nylon scraper, don’t you?  The little plastic thingies that you’re supposed to use to clean your stoneware?  I try to always have them in my house, but I have a confession.

The scrapers are not used for their intended purpose.


While stoneware is perfectly lovely and I have no problems using it, it sets Craig’s teeth on edge to even look at the rough texture, much less to touch it and hear it scrape across the grate in the oven.  Like fingernails on a chalkboard, sets him off.  So it is, unfortunately, banned from my house.  I alternatively use the scrapers to clean the gunk from around my sink that seems to collect no matter how much Clorox bleach I use.  They are PERFECT for cleaning gunk and nothing else comes close.  Thus endeth my unpaid shilling for Pampered Chef.

So I’m at Karen’s (and if you wonder why I think she rocks, read about it here) and while we were sitting around the table weighing the pros and cons of the 8 versus the 4 quart batter bowl, we also discussed one of our absolute favorite bloggers, June. Do you read June?  You absolutely must.  If not for her hilarity, then for her comments.  She has some very funny regular commenters, and I would not count myself among them, but I try try try to leave something funny because my goal is to win “comment of the week” on her blog.

And yesterday I received a real treat because she sent me an email, and dear reader, I made June laugh.   When I saw that email pop up in my inbox I about fell out in the floor.  I break out in hives trying to come up with something witty to post on her page, and when I told her that, she very graciously told me that I did not always have to be witty, that a “that was a lovely post, have a nice day” comment would suffice.  I do love me some June.  I hope she adopts me.


While Karen and I were innocously discussing the blogosphere and filling out our order forms, another woman who was sitting at the table kinda’ cocked her head a little funny and said “You look familiar to me.”  After running through all the “where do you go to school/church/grocery store/gynecologist” and not hitting a common thread, she said, “Do you blog?”

“I do”, I answered.

“You do?  I thought I recognized you.  By any chance are you…are you…the Carpoolqueen?”


My first random reader encounter!!!!

And I didn’t specifically ask for her permission to put her name in my blog because I was so stunned that someone would recognize me (it was my bad hair, I’m SURE OF IT), so I’ll just say that her name is Sally but we all know it’s not, and of course, I had Moses with me, and she said I could post a picture, because I just HAD to document that someone other than my mother reads my blog.


Sally, you made my day.

And while I had the camera out and was on a roll, I thought it would be fun to post one of those “bloggers meet in real life” pictures that I’ve seen on other blogs, so I asked Karen if she’d take a pic, and she HATES to have her picture taken, and we took several which neither of us were happy about, but it was late and we decided that we’d just pretend we were in one of those photo booths at the state fair, so here are our pictures we took trying to get the right one, and we’ll just let you decide which is your favorite.


At this point my husband would be asking me if I’d used up all my words for the day, so I think I’ll hush.  And I have no nice neat way to close this out, so paraphrasing the immortal words of June…

This has been my lovely post.  Have a nice day.


15 responses to “Fun on Friday

  1. I’m laughing! Very loudly!!
    You’re a hoot and I loved spending time with you last night and I’m so sorry about the coffee and I promise I won’t make the same mistake if you will come back for another visit!
    I’m just wondering why my eyes would only open half way in those pics. Maybe I needed some of that coffee.

  2. Ditto Craig on the stoneware – the sound – eeek! How cool that “Sally” outed herself! I don’t know why Karen hates to have her picture taken. She’s the cutest, most stylish mom of 7 I’ve ever met! I vote for the first picture.

  3. I love June too!!!!

    I’ve never left her a comment because I feel too pressured to be witty but now I think I will.

    And it was a lovely post!

  4. “Sally” sent me an email a couple of days ago asking if she knew the carpoolqueen. I was being slack and didn’t respond…but, look how funny it turned out! I wanted to join in your fun last night, but was abandoned by my Y-Guide and Indian Princess…they evidently had great tribal decisions to make at someone else’s tee-pee. (The dad’s watched the NC State BB game, the princesses ran around the house) I remained at my tee-pee, pouting.

  5. Doncha just feel so FAMOUS when someone IRL tells you they read your blog?!

    Ahh… the scraper! I need to add that to my mental list of ‘if the house is burning down, grab it.’ I can’t live w/o it! I use it for everything! It works wonders when needing to scrape the stove burners; amongst other not-so-genteel tasks.

  6. Dear Susan…I just found your blog today thanks to the lovely Gretchen.

    And I just spent 3 lovely hours laughing out loud.

    Adding you to my reader, in the IRL category, so I can laugh more.

  7. I still regret not having asked you for your autograph! The scraper also does a lovely job on cereal cemented to the floor after being foolish enough to take a shower with 3 bowls of cereal on the table with a child named Trouble. I really did this YESTERDAY.

  8. I heart Pampered Chef…but then again I have a ton of it because I used to sell it! …so needless to say your husband would not be welcome in my home. Er, I mean he would be welcome, he just wouldn’t welcome coming into these stoneware lined cupboards…????

    rabbit trail………

    Lovely post. Have a nice weekend.

  9. Ooohhh…gunk scrapers. I heart me some gunk scrapers.

    And congrats on the random bloggy encounter… awesome. You should start signing sutographs.

  10. Wonder what a sutograph is? I wonder if it is an autograph for sumo wrestlers. You probably shouldn’t sign those.

  11. i don’t drink coffee either. i’m a coke girl.

  12. You’re FAMOUS! That is so funny, Susan. And I hope you bought the 8 cup batter bowl. I cannot live without it. (Have the 4 cup too…they’re both fabulous).

  13. Seriously. You are soo ding dang funny!! I love PC…those scrapers?? I use them in my crafting stuff too…they smush a GREAT fold for a card, smooth out tissue crafts PLUS scrape goo off my cookie sheet…oh, how I love a multipurpose/crosscurricular tool!! 🙂

    I can’t WAIT for my big meet a blogger in real life moment..I’m not kidding, I would forever consider myself Paris Hilton..well, not exactly but you get my drift…

    I ’bout died when you said that your hubby would say “you used up words” b/c THAT is exactly what my hubby says…man, he loves a good playdate day b/c he knows I’ll have less to throw up on him when he gets home!!

  14. Now I’m REALLY sorry I missed Karen’s PC party– I would have loved to have met you IRL… I am new to the whole world of blogs and blogging, but I love reading Karen’s and I pop over to yours (from hers… I don’t even have my own list!) and can always count on a good laugh! You are too funny!! (I love me some June, too!! thanks to Karen!)

    lovely post, indeed!

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