It has been a fun day.

It started out with me showing up to speak at a women’s event with my notes written on the flap of cardboard that I had torn off a box of saline solution.  I never know when inspiration is going to hit, and this morning it hit while I was putting my contacts on, so I had to grab the first thing I could find, because if I don’t write my thoughts down immediately, they’re gone forever. Oh, and I showed up wearing the exact same pink/brown combination that half the audience was wearing.  At least we all had good taste.

From the event I met the menfolk and we went to Costco.  Menfolk + Costco = Mama’s gotta’ go back to work to afford it.  We managed to make it through the store without too much damage, though I think we may have annoyed some people in the snack area.


I did not tell them to make faces.  This is just how they roll.  Do you feel my pain?

After managing to exit Costco with a mere 5 lbs. of hot dogs among other things, Craig and I took the kids back home and deposited them in the loving care of their babysitter who has wiped their noses since they were a year old, and we went out for date night.

But before we made it out of the driveway, I was already flipping out.

We had needle issues.

Before you go calling my mom or checking out methadone clinics, it’s not about that.  It’s the gas gauge needle.  While I obviously have no issues with tire gauges, the gas gauge is a whole ‘nother story.  I am constantly on gas patrol, and while Craig assured me that 100 years of German engineering would not allow us to run out of gas on our way to Chapel Hill, I made him pull over anyway and fill up, because it was 40 degrees and raining, and I wasn’t going to walk.

Blood pressure normalized, we resumed our trip towards our first grocery store. We lead such the glamorous life, dontcha’ know?  No matter where we go on our date night, we always end up at the grocery store.

Craig has a pathological obsession with the grocery store.  He has been known to bring home potted meat products just because there was a ten for $10 sale at Kroger.  Again, the painLet me tell you, kippered herring just will not substitute for tuna in the ole casserole…

But I digress.

Here was our first stop.


That picture’s a little cock-eyed, but I was a stranger in a foreign land and I didn’t want to get hauled in for questioning.  Plus Carolina lost today in the ACC Tournament and everyone was a little edgy.  After Trader Joes (where we had bad aisle karma with a family with screaming toddlers), we went to our next stop (and notice the fuel gauge).


It was at Southern Season (best store ever) that I discovered that farmers in Italy have a high opinion of me.


And OF COURSE we bought the cheese, but only one cube, because apparently I’m easy to come by, but I don’t come cheap.

We finally made it to dinner where I let Craig order the sushi because he’s always out eating at fun places and trying new things while I’m getting the same California roll from the guy at the grocery store.  This is what Craig ordered for us:


And I very politely asked “Is that bacon on the sushi?”



We called it Sea Bacon.

Otherwise I would have had to take a Xanax.

It was yummy.

11 responses to “Saturday

  1. We just pledged $200 to Costco the other day…i had to bribe my son with a hot dog and pop. But at least I made him order it and pay for it, for I am Empower Mom. You order, you pay, you get your change. I wait with cart.

    Glad you got out with your honey. But re: the sushi: eeeewwww. Guess I found the one thing I can’t agree with you on. :*)

  2. How fun! LOVE date night!
    And you know… my husband is a tarheel. We’ve had many good times in Chapel Hill- back in the day.
    As for the sushi, I have to agree with Gretchen. Eeeewwww… 🙂

  3. I just realized that that Traders Joes was there…like three weeks ago! And I keep meaning to get over there. Love that Place!

    And did you get Seafood at Southern Season? i have always wondered what that place is? For some reason I always thought it was a old ladies clothing place.

    AND, last but not least, I have been looking for a good place to get sushi here and have not found a place. Did you get that at SS?

    Looks so yummy!

  4. You know how I feel about Costco AND Trader Joe’s. Did you find the cereal I was telling you about? Don’t answer that. I’ll chat you.

    I’m so proud of my boys with the spoons on their nose. Please tell them Aunt Amy is SO proud!

    Stunning, complex, and magnificent? Certainly! Robust? That makes you sound like a 300 pound Russian woman.

    My apologies to any 300 pound Russian women women who may read your blog. I’m sure they are robust in the nicest of ways.

  5. This sounds like one of our daytime dates. Retirement gives us the time to do these things we’ve never done. Is the Trader Joe’s near Southern Seasons? And is it in Chapel Hill. We’ve gone to the TJ’s in Cary. I get a bit overwhelmed but it’s fun. And Costco is an easy place to dump a wad! The best thing I’ve found (at Bed, Bath & Beyond with a coupon) is the Green Bags to keep produce in. I have Romaine lettuce that I bought at Costco 5 weeks ago that is still really fresh, thanks to Green Bags!

  6. Can we meet for sushi the next time we knit together? Oh, wait, that might not work very well – chopsticks/knitting needles/soy sauce/yarn.

    That new iPhone sure is coming in handy for all of your random observations!! I love the “Susan cheese,” and might not have believed it without seeing the sign. Have you ever been busted in a retail establishment for taking pictures? I’m hesitant and self-conscious about doing it.

  7. Sushi…ewwwww!

    Sea Bacon makes me laugh!

  8. No sushi for me, thank you very much. I’m not sure calling it chocolate cake would’ve helped me out.

    Who knew such romance could be held within an aisle of cheese….

  9. LOL, thanks for sharing. What is it about menfolk and grocery stores? Last week, $50 by myself at TJ’s, this week (with menfolk) $130 in a regular grocery store!

  10. I’m sorry you don’t love sushi as much as I do.

    Insanely jealous that you have a TJ’s. NOT fair at all.

    I love that you guys have regular date nights.

    What did you speak about??? Inquiring minds want to know.

  11. Okay…just gathered that you are from S. Carolina?? I know A Carolina at least…well, then we’re neighbors…I’m over here in Hot ‘Lanta.

    Sushi. Ew. As my FIL would say “it’s good to those who like it”

    Date Night. Yay!

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