Because you asked….

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And even though Kung Fu Panda might have been fun, it’s only been fun for me since he ordered the Spanish version.

Had I ordered four movies today, the lineup would have looked like this:


It’s obvious I’m the only girl in the house.

7 responses to “Because you asked….

  1. Well, when you have YOUR movie day, invite me.
    Of course, I’ll come to the boys’ movie day as well if there are snacks. Really good snacks.

  2. Oh no!!!! I am so sorry the Movie Rental Bandit hit your household. But I thought Kung Fu Panda is spanish was hilarious.

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! This just happened to us, too! Only my boys rented “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Not really so much a kid movie. Ick.


  4. I LOVE Pride and Prejudice. Have you seen Sense and Sensibility?
    So good. We just finished a marathon of Anne of Green Gables and the sequel. We have ordered from Netflix Anne of Green Gables the Continuing Story. I can’t wait!! Even John is enjoying this series.

  5. How do you say Kung Fu in spanish?? HA!

  6. Your kind of movie night is definitely my kind of movie night. And actually my hubby loves Steel Magnolias (I’m sure he’ll appreciate me telling everyone that) but maybe it’s because of Weezer’s humor or Drum shooting guns and fireworks at birds, I don’t know, just a thought.

  7. I’m cracking up!! If only my son could get a hold of our rentals…those probably would’ve pretty much his choices as well…

    Oh, and you are my new BFF…Steel Magnolias is one of the greatest movies EVER!!!

    “I’m pleasant, dammit I’m pleasant. I saw drummond at the piggly wiggly and I smiled at the son of a bitch before I could help myself.”

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