Like sands through the hourglass…

Had one of those moments today. Well, it started yesterday, really.  I was in the kitchen doing my daily “What’s for supper” scramble before Craig walked in the door (and I’m not talking eggs – I’m talking about the panicked “just realized my husband’s walking through the door in 45 minutes and I don’t even have the oven preheated/food thawed/idea what I’m going to fix” moment).

While I was trying to decide if you can truly call it chicken pot pie if it didn’t contain a carrot, (or that much chicken for that matter), I  heard “Did you lose a tooth?”  In Travis-speak, that means “Mom, I lost a tooth and by the way, I’ve now gone the length of the hallway with my mouth wide open and dripping bloody spit all over the cream colored carpet”.  And why did I get cream colored carpet?  I have three boys.  I think the day I picked out the carpet color I must have been in denial.

But I digress.

The rest of the evening was spent obsessing about the Tooth Fairy showing up.  And I joined right in with the obsession.  Being the Tooth Fairy is one of the favorite roles I play.   There’s just something that makes me giggly about sneaking in the middle of the night and fishing around under the pillow for the tooth and replacing it with a shiny gold dollar.  The only downside to the boys sharing a room, though, is that the Toothless One had best be the first awake, because whoever’s up first goes diving under the pillow to see if the Fairy delivered, regardless of whether there’s a sleeping head on there or not.  And then they come tell Mom.  (And why is it not Dad?)

At 6:15 a.m.

On Spring Break.

Chalk outlines, I tell you.

At breakfast, Tommy began peppering me with questions about the Fairy.  What she looked like, how did she know when they were asleep, etc.  And then, out of the blue, the question I knew whose time would come…Mom, are you the Tooth Fairy?

The house grew uncharacteristically still.  Two other necks turned curious heads my way.

“Why do you ask?”  Stall, stall, stall, for just one minute/month/year longer.

“I’m trying to figure it out.”

“Do you really want to know?”

And then, a sly grin crossed his face.  And he gave me a wink.

And said nothing else.

The magic lingers…



16 responses to “Like sands through the hourglass…

  1. Ah, the tooth fairy. My kids lost faith in her years ago, that unfaithful chick who forgot for days at a time to leave money…. we fired her, and replaced it with a direct exchange system instead. “Hey mom” the kids would say “could you give this to the tooth fairy (wink, wink) and she could pay you back for the money you give me right now?”

    (I totally get an F in fanciful childhood traditions)

  2. Like Amber, sometimes, the tooth fairy forgets to come to our house, too. I think I tried to say that it had something to do with us moving to the east coast after being on Central time and then she didn’t get the memo about Daylight Savings Time so her little fairy clock was all confused. I don’t think he bought it, but as long as the money comes eventually, he’ll play along.

    The rule at my house growing up was that if you don’t believe, you don’t receive….Which is why as far as my parents know, Chris and I still believe in Santa.

  3. That’s so cute! We had the same rule as whimzie growing up. Santa would stop coming if we didn’t believe.

    Having some trouble now with absolute truth versus childhood mythology. I’m all for the tooth fairy, santa, easter bunny, imaginary friends, etc., but my husband thinks it will create trust issues and confusion on matters of faith. Sigh. . .

  4. Like SANDS through the hourglass? Have I lost my mind? I’m breaking out in hives. Does sand have a plural?

    This is why I shouldn’t type before the third cup.

  5. I like Amy’s rule…and like Amber, my kids believe in a modified version of the toothfairy. The male fairy at our house is known to be WAY more on the ball than the female fairy when it comes to remembering to actually stop by. He has been known to make ATM runs at ungodly hours though. 😉

  6. Ah…tooth fairy…yes. Well, we weren’t burdened by her presence today. I was much too busy waking at 0-dark-thirty to “help” Lucky the Leprechaun. Apparently, my 10ager was distraught at his disappearance last year, so today pancakes, eggs, and milk were mysteriously and very mischieviously turned green. And…oh, by golly, the quilt rack and kitchen chairs were over turned, too. Green pee in the toilets…leprechaun poops all around the house. Mayhem.

    My three most hated words: What’s for supper?

    Totally get the cream colored carpet conundrum…it rains here 8 months out of the year. Can you say…mud?

    Darling picture, BTW.

  7. Aren’t those molars real bleeders? Man! I feel if they are going to bleed all over the carpets we should be able to charge them $100 to clean it. The dentist does, why shouldn’t we?

    Oh and also, my kids leave all the tissues and hand towels that they used to pull our there teeth laying all over the bathroom sink. That just put me over the edge.

    I am so glad to hear that the Tooth Fairy is known to forget in other houses too. Now I know that my own kids won’t be the only ones in therapy.

  8. My son lost the exact same tooth last night…and I wouldn’t have remembered that if I hadn’t read your blog. (guess what’s still under his pillow…and he even tried to give Ms. Fairy some ideas on what to which I replied, “don’t boss the tooth fairy, she doesn’t like it…”) Looks like I need to go find a buck and slide it under the pillow….

  9. One night, early on in her career, our Tooth Fairy “forgot”. Our untidiest daughter decided it was because her room was too messy, and now at the first sign of a wobble, she rushes to tidy room.

    It works for us 🙂

    Happy St Patrick’s Day from N Ireland.

  10. The tooth fairy at our house totally left the little box of teeth out by accident while she was cleaning out her jewelry box and totally got busted.

    Nobody is giving our tooth fairy awards for brillance.

  11. okay…can you believe I have a son who is almost NINE and hasn’t lost ONE not ONE tooth on his own?? Not even remotely loose…he had to have the bottom four cut out b/c the permanent ones were coming in behind the babies…and girl, those suckers were still sooo long…and the others?? STILL. tight. inside.the. gums.

    I’m afraid I’m gonna not even EXPERIENCE tooth fairy as a Mama…the teeth removal thing was so crazy and unexpected (during a regular cleaning) that the TF wasn’t even discussed!!!!

    I am NOT upset or bitter or crazy about it though. really. I’m not. *sniff, sniff

  12. Re: sands with an s

    3: the sand in an hourglass ; also : the moments of a lifetime —usually used in plural (the sands of this government run out very rapidly — H. J. Laski)

    And of course:

  13. The tooth fairy was busted at our house also when he/she forgot to leave the money for several days. Now the older boys bring me their tooth and ask to exchange it for money.

  14. The tooth fairy is a MAN haven’t you seen “The Santa Clause???”

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