And what do you do when you’re not blogging?

During the other 23.5 hours a day that I’m not updating my blog, you can usually find me at my desk IMing with Whimzie in between checking laundry, checking email, and checking what the kids are doing to the cat.  Here is the transcript of a few of my favorite back and forths from this past week.

We encouraged each other in our fitness goals:

Whimzie: I actually just exercised. I am not coordinated and very out of shape.

CPQ: You exercised? Are cats sleeping with dogs?

Whimzie: I’m pretty sure this is a sign of the Apocalypse so you may want to be sure your affairs are in order. Someone needs to make an exercise DVD for people who have no athletic ability or coordination. Unless they have and it’s Sweatin’ to the Oldies.

We helped each other spell:

Whimzie: Is it plastic baggie or plastic baggy? Isn’t baggy reserved for oversized as in pants?

CPQ: It’s baggie. You are correct.

Whimzie: Thank you.

We talked about dinner:
Whimzie: I’m still not with it. Did I tell you I forgot to add the chicken to the chicken spaghetti last night? And no one noticed? Not even me until I found the chicken I defrosted in the microwave when I was cleaning up after supper.

Whimzie: Not. with. it.

CPQ: See how easy it is to be vegetarian?

And talked about dinner again:

Whimzie: What’s for supper?

CPQ:  Pork roast and I don’t know what for sides.

Whimzie: Sides are my nemesis.

CPQ:  I need veggie inspiration.  I did make some good corn, though, yesterday.

Whimzie:  You know you’re going to have to send it to me in email form.

CPQ:  You’re so high maintenance.

Whimzie:  Too late to lose me now.

CPQ:  I think I may do a rice a roni side.

CPQ:  Either that or just give Craig a blank look when he walks through the door.

We discussed Trader Joe’s:

CPQ: I’m trying to talk Craig into going to Trader Joe’s tonight – we are such grocery people.

Whimzie: LOVE Trader Joe’s. I bought a cute recyclable bag there. I’m going to have to get some more.

Whimzie: I think my collection of recyclable bags defeats the purpose.

CPQ: I have them and forget to use them.

Whimzie:  They had some good cereal that we loved. We’re like the Seinfelds with our cereal. I counted 9 boxes yesterday.

CPQ:  I have the same number and some I haven’t touched – hello – All Bran.

Whimzie: And they’ll be gone in 2 weeks.

CPQ: Because I was going to make muffins…LAST OCTOBER…

We talked about family:

CPQ: My child just finished his daily singing on the potty “Old McDonald had a farm” complete with ending flourish, and yells through the locked door “Can I get a clap?”

Whimzie: HA!! (editorial note – Whimzie never LOL’s… even if she is, in fact, laughing out loud…)

We discussed recipes:

CPQ:  BTW, the pound cake I made last night was amazing.

Whimzie: Are you going to send me the recipe?

CPQ: Yes – I didn’t make the choco chip one, because turns out it’s not pound cake and it uses store ingredients I didn’t have.

Whimzie: I’m glad. I’m a purist about my pound cake.

CPQ: Mine is pure – 3 sticks of butter, 3 cups of sugar…

Whimzie: Seriously, you know what I’m going to tell you to do, right?

CPQ: I’m emailing as soon as I walk to the kitchen.

Whimzie: Have you ever made Paula Deen’s? She has at least two. A sour cream one and Grandmother Paul’s.

CPQ: Was going to make the sour cream one, but it was full of taco meat.

CPQ: That’s my house – foreign matter in the sour cream.

And if you, dear reader, ever come over to my house, don’t worry. I’ll get a brand new sour cream just for you.

Have a nice day.

13 responses to “And what do you do when you’re not blogging?

  1. I have my own personal Whimzie… and these conversations sound vaguely familiar.

    Just so you know, I cracked all the way up for the whole thing. And pretty sure I’ll be using “Can I get a clap?” today… cause that is FUNNY.

  2. John gets a blank look from me almost every day…and not just about dinner.

  3. We had Jamba Juice last night. There, kids. Eat your veggies/fruit.

    I have lots of items in my pantry from last October’s plans. Too bad i can’t get them to go with anything else.

    Exercise…my nemesis. Too bad it totally cures whatever ails. Apparently, I’d rather be flabby and sick.

    Can I get a clap? Priceless. Making sure the article preceding the gerund is an “a”, and not a “the”.

  4. I just popped over from Tiffani’s blog after I read your comment about being a “whole pot girl”. . . . me too, sista. . . . I have to have a whole pot, or I just literally do not function. I love your IMing conversation b/t you and whimzie. Have a great day!

  5. “Can I get a clap?” will be my new mantra…and if I don’t receive applause, everyone in this house will get the blank stare.

    Love the conversation with your friend…isn’t it funny how most women have their very own Whimzie??

  6. Can.I.get.a.clap? Does he know he’s famous now?

    you and your sidekick are HILARIOUS!

    Thanks for giving me a “Ha!” this morning.

  7. Oh CPQ…how I laughed at this…I am ridiculously in love with you. Hope you don’t mind…will you please accept this rose??

    I love Gretchen’s comment about having our own “whimzie” She’s a person and an adjective…won’t she be glad!

  8. That should be a “noun” not an adjective but either way…it’s a great to have a “whimzie”…

  9. I laughed out loud!! SO glad I found your blog.

    Our margarine is full of crumbs and the jelly has peanut butter.

    I also refuse to type lol.

  10. My peanut butter has hunks of jelly, my butter tub is full of muffin crumbs, and my sour cream has shredded cheese. Loverly.

  11. I tell you this every day, but you are so funny.
    I’m still laughing at “Can I get a clap?” and Tiffani’s comment about giving you a rose.

    Thanks, friend…it’s been a long day and I needed a bright spot.

  12. Noun, adjective, preposition, it’s great to be the Ethel to your Lucy, the Gayle to your Oprah, the Shirley to your Laverne, the Woodstock to your Snoopy, the….I’ve run out.

    Thank you for sending me the rough draft before you posted. As you know some of our chats have been deemed classified material and may be damaging to the parties involved.

    And just in case you ever think about changing your mind, just remember I have “the picture.”

  13. OK, you and Whimzie are so stinkin’ funny! Are you guys friends IRL…I hope this wasn’t already addressed in the blog somewhere; I have yet to go back and read “from the beginning”. BUt I have been reading for about a month…consistently. Can I get a clap?

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