Hello, is anybody out there?

Carpool Queen is not at home.  She is currently typing in the dark from a hotel at an undisclosed location.  She is vainly trying to get the rest of her family to join her in this thing called morning.

She’ll update later today from the comfort of her own office chair.

You wouldn’t want to miss the Special Vacation Edition of “Ask Sus”, now, would you?

5 responses to “Hello, is anybody out there?

  1. Wouldn’t miss Ask Sus it for the world!

    Good luck on getting your family up. Maybe you could do a tutorial on that.

  2. Verily, verily, I say unto thee, GET THYSELF HOMETH, NOW! I’m actually talking to myself AND the Little People and they have no opinion whatsoever on whether letting my hair grow any longer makes my hips looks bigger or not.

  3. Waiting anxiously to hear all about your vaca!

  4. whimzie is so biblical today….

    can’t wait for details!

  5. Well…yes, I was just going to check and see if Ask Sus was up…

    Need to drain my boiled eggs now. But I’ll be back. Never you fear.

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