And P.S.

In case you were feeling sorry for me having to endure exploding cannons and dodging Security, I thought you might want to know that I took the kids one other place on our vacation.  To further their education, of

Because they need to learn to never pay retail.

And I was fortunate to be there with my bestest shopping buddy, K., who talked me into the 50% off sale on this:


And she talked me into the 40% off on this:


She’s very chatty.

If I have jeans that are clean (and if they’re not, I’m not telling), I’m going to wear them with my new cardigan set to meet this new friend on Thursday. Because I’ll need something to distract her from my bad hair.


I am beyond excited to meet up with Kellie.  I met her through Meredith and after a few weeks of pleasantry and sorting out whether or not the other had outstanding restraining orders, we realized that we were practically neighbors and quickly set about trying to marshall troops across Europe/broker Mideast peace coordinating our calendars to find a night we both had free.  It’s taken three weeks, but Thursday it is.

Before I can meet up with her, though, I must do vacation laundry which, judging by the wrinkled nose that my neighbor had as she came through the back door, is smellier than regular laundry.  The nice thing about doing laundry this week is that as soon as it comes out of the dryer, instead of just sitting in the laundry room for weeks because I hate to put clothes away, I get to recycle the freshly laundered vacation clothes into “going to Grandma’s” clothes. I’m not even going to pack them in suitcases.  Nope – going to Grammy’s house packed in the laundry basket.

While the kids are are being spoiled rotten and eating at their own personal Waffle House (Grammy loves being a short order cook for them), I’ll be catching up with girlfriends, going out on dates, going to the library, not cooking, and missing/worrying about my munchkins until I see them this weekend.  I heart my crazy boys.

Oh, so very much.

Have a nice day.

14 responses to “And P.S.

  1. Teaching them to never pay retail! That’s a GREAT lesson.

    Guess what? Gretchen and I are meeting on Thursday too…and with the THREE hour time difference, we might all be randomly connecting at the SAME TIME. How fun is that?

    We’ll definitely talk about ya’ll if you promise to talk about us. ‘Kay?

  2. I am in such serious need of retail therapy. Dire, even.

    I’m proud of your retail teaching parenting skills. Will knowing when Jamestown was founded serve them later in life? Not as well as being able to know what 25% of $32 will.

    Whether you think you’re having a bad hair or not, you do know that your readers EXPECT to see pictures of the big IRL meeting. And we all know about Moses so you have NO excuse.

  3. I am really looking forward to meeting you as well!

    But don’t worry about your hair too much. My hair dryer broke right before church on Sunday.
    (The Lord’s been working on issues of pride in me, but don’t you think that is cutting below the belt?)

    Anyway, the Lord only knows what MY hair will look like, but it doesn’t matter, I’ll be chatting with the famous CPQ and drinking coffee. There’s no complaint in that!

    We should totally test Mer and Gretchen while we visit…it would be like all of us having coffee together…only 3000 miles apart.

  4. Hello? There I go again…saying words I don’t mean.

    I didn’t mean cutting below the belt as much as I meant hitting.

    If you only knew how this big slip of words has gotten me into big time (read: embarrassing) trouble!

  5. I am relieved to see that you made time for shopping on your trip! Nice finds! Looking forward to hearing about your blogger meet-up with Kellie. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has sent children to grandma’s house with a laundry basket instead of a suitcase! I know you’ll have a great time while the boys are on “vacation.” Enjoy!

  6. Laundry Basket? That’s high style, girl…I’ve sent mine with a “redneck suitacase” ie: a wal-mart sack…plenty’o times…

    Sooo excited for you and Kellie and hope that one day I get to meet my bloggy BFF’s too…I hope that some of those meetings will be soon!!

    Great finds on your educational journey…I NEVER EVER NEVER pay retail. Very important lesson, if I do say so myself!

  7. LOVE the bag!!!
    I’ve been on the search for a good summer/spring bag. None to be found in the western part of the state. Still searching. Now coveting yours.

  8. Desperately trying not to covet thy bag. Oh, my yes. And never, never pay retail, children. That’s so you can by more, more, more! Mwah, ha!ha!

    Oh, sorry. Apparently I was having a moment.

    How funny about our time change and the meeting. I’m excited. Alas, Mer will have to put up with my roots. And so will John.

  9. Sorry to hijack comments, but I’m rolling at Tiffani’s redneck suit case. Snorting actually.

  10. Haha love the laundry basket as suitcase — we always do that! 🙂 why not right? and everyone knows jeans RARELY need to be washed!

    love the purchases too!

  11. Meeting friends? Going on dates? Shopping? What is that? I am so jealous…

    But I hope you have a FABULOUS time, Sus!!!! 🙂

  12. I think I might have a minor tantrum. Everyone is meeting everyone, and I’m not. Grrrr.

    And how lucky are you to get to send the kids off to grandma’s. I heart my crazy boys, too, but I heart sending them away for short periods almost as much!

  13. I know, I want to meet some people! Whatever!

    Ooooohhhhh, liking the bag and the cardigan. I am a cardigan girl.

  14. Ooohh..I love the bag! NewEveryAM actually found hers today. Yesterday we went shopping with the plan of finding her a bag….both girls found one, & I found one, but she did not! Mine is actually more of a winter one, but it had been $34 & I paid $6.39 (it’s a Liz Claiborne). Now that’s my kind of sale! Anyway, NE AM went alone today to a different place & found IT. Since she leaves tomorrow, I’m glad she could find one.

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