FLY me to the moon

Okay, today’s the day.  Whimzie and I are jumping on the Flylady bandwagon.


I wish I had known about Flylady when I was a youngster at boarding school.  I’ve always been a little bit of a Messy Marvin, and nowhere was that more evidenced than by the Reminder Sheet on the back of the door to my bedroom at my home-away-from-home.  Every morning our rooms would get inspected by our dorm-mother.  Shoes had to all be pointing in the same direction, 0nly two extra hangers allowed in the closet (on which we were to hang up our clothes after school), beds  neatly made, and drawers spit spot. I’m breaking out in hives just remembering.

If our rooms didn’t pass inspection, we’d get a check or a “reminder” of what needed to be done.  Exceed a certain number of reminders in a week, and privileges were revoked. Let’s just say I had a clear understanding of what “revocation” meant at a very young age.

When I gave up maid service when the kids came along (a decision I regret to this day) and I quit my paying job to stay home with them (a decision I have never regretted), things quickly spiraled out of control.   A friend turned me onto the Flylady and by following her very simple routines, order was soon restored to my house and I actually kept up with the laundry.  I was in such a groove with the system that I didn’t panic when the doorbell rang unexpectedly (and that’s saying a lot considering I had triplet toddlers running around).

I fell off the wagon a couple of years ago when I moved into our current house, and it didn’t take long for the piles to start appearing.  So, in an attempt to get my act together so that I can have time to do the things I want to do (I’d love to actually read the books I check out of the library and not merely accumulate fines), I am back in the game.

In anticipation of beginning the program today, I cleared my first hot spot yesterday.


You don’t know how much better I already feel.  Hopefully that counter will stay clean this week.  It is my #1 goal. (And I feel compelled to insert here that the rest of the house doesn’t look like that counter.  It is the absolute junkiest place in the house.  EVERYTHING gets dumped there.)

Having a clean countertop isn’t the only thing that’s making me happy.  We thought our cat was dying last Thursday and had taken him to the vet to see if anything could be done.  I’m not one of those crazy cat people, but this pet is special because he was the first gift that Craig gave me after we were married.  When I was growing up, I had always wanted an indoor cat, but my dad had allergies.  Though I had many outdoor cats as a child, I decided long ago that the day I owned my own home, I would bring the cat inside.  Simba was the fulfillment of that childhood desire and has been a very welcome part of our family for almost 13 years.

He started heading downhill and experiencing breathing difficulty last week.  By Friday he had gone three days without eating and I had gone several nights without sleeping listening to him wheeze and thinking he was going to die any second .svet1

I wasn’t sure when we took him in that he’d be coming back.  My heart was heavy.  In the grand scheme of things, he’s just a pet and we’ll lose him one day, but the last thing I wanted to do was give the okay to put him down.  I just didn’t have it in me.

So you can imagine my delight when they figured out a way to ease his breathing (I still haven’t looked at the bill and told Craig not to tell me) and gave us more time to enjoy him.  He is positively skippy and back to his old purry self.  It makes my heart

And speaking of being happy, guess what I picked up while wandering Blockbuster this weekend…..


And it’s not due back until Thursday.  Marathon, anyone?

Besides wandering Blockbuster, I also wandered the aisles of Costco.  School started back this morning, so that means I’m back in the snack and lunch-packing routine .

cloadAnd yes that would be a smashed up Nutrigrain bar in the trunk of my car.

And finally (I am all over the map today)  in addition to new routines and a new lease on life , I’m getting back on the straight and narrow as far as my eating habits go. They have been as undisciplined as my housekeeping, so I’m endeavouring to do two things for my health this week.

Eat more vegetables.

Get on the Wii Fit for 15 minutes a day.


I realize as I read through what I just wrote that I’m setting an ambitious agenda for the week, but I welcome the challenge.  I like to shoot for the stars.  That way, even if I flame out, I still land on the moon.

Have a nice day.

P.S.  Happy Anniversary, Craig.  Thank you for making me laugh and for hanging on with me on this crazy ride (and for paying through the nose for the cat).

I love you.


14 responses to “FLY me to the moon

  1. You were born to fly, CPQ. But you and Amy are wingin’ it alone this time. I’ll think about you when I shine my sink this morning. 🙂

    Your before and after pics are great.

    And Happy Anniversary!

  2. Yes, indeed. I am losing my flylady virginity w/ you and Amy this week…only I may be taking smaller baby steps PLUS I am sick as a canine, so, we’ll see!

    That counter looks amazing and if NOTHING else today, I am shining my sink!

    I am so happy about your cat b/c I love a good family pet: dog, cat, hermit crab, whatever…

    I absolutely giggled that your hubby got an anniversary shout out at the very end of your post…

    Hope your goals are all met this week!!!!

  3. My kitchen counter looks exactly like your before picture. Usually when I clear it, I just dump it in the pantry for future sorting. I’m sure the flylady would disapprove of that! Thanks for sharing your motivation!

    Great news about your cat!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    I find it soothing that you took a picture of your car with a nutrigrain bar in the trunk.

    Happy flying, Babe. I’ll be doing the same (including the Wii fit), just 3 hours behind you.

  5. Having a maid is one of my eventual goals in life – I can’t even imagine how wonderful that must be. But good for you, your counters look awesome! Funny how good that can make us feel when our house is just organized.

    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy anniversary, CPQ!

    And good for you with your new disciplines. Many blessings for your endeavors!!!

  7. Yay, us!! Don’t fuss at me! I’m on my fifteen minute FL mandated break!

    P.S. Happy Anniversary!!

  8. I have no doubt you can get all things back into order!

    Great news about the cat.

    Traditionally its the year of ivory, but that’s so un-PC these days. Perhaps the Modern gift for 14 years extraordinary vet bills?

    Happy Cleaning!

  9. Okay…so I totally thought you meant that you regretted having your kids when I first read the sentence about giving up the maid! Then I thought….no way. No one who willingly photographs a smashed nutrigrain bar could possibly regret the darlings that left it there!! 🙂

    And…wow….that is a lot of vinegar!

  10. I’m cheering you on!! and when I catch my breath I will be right there with ya. Happy Anniversary! and by the way, I WISH all I had was a nutrigrain bar in my car….big sigh. If we ever find ourselves turned upside down in a ravine somewhere hidden for a week before we are found, don’t worry. We will have plenty to keep us alive until help arrives.

  11. Ok, I’m jealous. I did 6 loads of laundry today, but I still have junk on my island! Maybe I will knock out that job tomorrow. Maybe I need to check out Fly Lady and join in the fun! 🙂

  12. I just saw Pride and Prejudice (that version) this weekend with my mom. SO VERY GOOD!!! I’ll be buying that…but since I just bought the complete North and South DVD collection…that will wait for next months dvd budget!

  13. pictures of your clean counter are haunting me… mine looked that clean just a few days ago…

    And if I could only stick to that workout routine as well…Jillian’s 30 day shred…guess it doesn’t mean 30 days of rest.

    oh and have a nice da—anniversary.:)

  14. I’m comforted in knowing that you too have (or had) a counter in your kitchen piled with stuff. I try so hard to clear mine off but others just add to it. *sigh*

    I’m scared of Flylady…….I’ve only heard of her but never checked her out.

    Happy Anniversary. And so glad your cat is ok now.

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