Ask Sus

So, Sus, do you ever have trouble coming up with a coherent post?

Dear Reader.  The inspiration fairy often gives me the raspberry.  How do you think “Ask Sus” came about in the first place?

How’s the vegetable thing coming?

Thank you for caring about my fiber intake.  The vegetable thing is coming along.  I used the cauliflower to make mashed fauxtatoes on Monday, had squash casserole with cream and cheese on Tuesday, and broccoli salad loaded with sugar and mayo is scheduled for today….Who knew vegetables could be this good?  And contribute so much to my cholesterol?

Harboring illegal substances in your house?

At the risk of having the DEA crash my door down, apparently I’m giving my cat the veterinary equivalent of weed.  Because he lost so much weight leading up to his near death experience, the vet wanted him to put on a few extra pounds, and to accomplish that, I’m  basically giving Simba something to induce the munchies.  Coming soon to Animal Planet, CPQ hosts Pimp My Pet.

Is your counter still clean?

It is!  And I was so not mortified yesterday when the physical therapist walked in the house and said “Something looks different.  Oh, you cleaned!”  Oh, not mortified at all.

You’ve got your 100th post coming up soon.  Are you planning anything special for that?

I think I’m going to do a 100th Post Week complete with a daily bloggy give-away and the traditional “100 things About Me”.  I’m noodling over just what and how to do it.  I know that I’m going to break up my 100 facts over the course of the week.  I wouldn’t want to overwhelm you, dear Reader, with so much narcissism in one post.

Are you ever going to give us a chance to submit a question for Ask Sus?

I thought you’d never ask.  Absolutely!  Just leave it in the comments today, or anyday for that matter – just comment (ahem, lurkers).

Because I need some inspiration.



Have a nice day.

15 responses to “Ask Sus

  1. I think you should make “special brownies” for Simba.

    I’ll have to think about a special and fun ASK SUS question. I’m off to ponder…

  2. Hey Sus, how many times a day do you and Whimzie talk/IM/text? Just curious?

    And how did you end up in NC?

  3. Dear Sus, what are some of the funniest, most outlandish, rudest comments you received when out with your precious triplets? And of course, I would love to know how you responded to the comments….

  4. Well, I’ll be…

    Feline Reefer. Who Knew?? Apparently, the vet did…and I can hardly type for the laughing tears in my eyes!!

    Okay, whew–
    I need to backtrack b/c my 100th came and went last week…and girl, if ya can’t be narcissistic on your own blog, then where can you??

    I’m so happy for you and your counter. Seriously, my sink/counter make me so happy…shoulda done it sooner, I guess.

    I’ll think of a question for ya….

  5. Inspiration???

    What’s that?

    …I wonder why it’s taken me aprox 2 days to write 1 post….and it’s not even that interesting…

    But YOU, you’re ALWAYS interesting!

  6. Well, judging from the narcissistic post from my own blog today, you already know that I reeeely have to stretch for inspiration.

    Can’t wait for your big 100th!

    Here is an “Ask Sus”
    What is your favorite new feature on Moses?

  7. Dear Sus,

    Will you adopt me?

  8. As if your interview with yourself wasn’t funny enough, reading Whimzies comment almost made me spit water out my nose. (note to self: do not drink while reading CPQ)

    What was your most embarrassing moment?

    Do you prefer a salty or a sweet snack?

    Have you ever met anyone famous?

  9. I know that the CPQ usually posts mostly lighthearted, witty banter (and don’t get me wrong, I love it and it makes me smile every day), but I would love to hear the triplet’s birth story. Like I said, maybe a little too personal and intense, but still…

    Other possible “ask sus” questions:

    What gives you goosebumps?

    How do you get children to behave properly in public?

    All inclusive cruise or road trip with a map?

    So many things to ponder…

  10. Wonder if they smuggle kitty weed like they do people weed? Would love to be the cop on that drug bust.

    Dear Sus,

    Does Mr. Sus ever read your blog? Does he roll his eyes at you and say stuff like, “I know you just didn’t.”

  11. Lord, I read this so long ago. I thought i had already added a witty comment. For I am full of the wit and obviously also with the notion that I’ve done many things when, in fact, I haven’t.

    “Coming soon to Animal Planet, CPQ hosts Pimp My Pet.”

    D-y-i-n-g laughing at that. My dtr is right by me, waiting for something to print. “What’s so funny, Mom?” “ooooh…nothing.”. “Oh, bloggity stuff. ” “yeah.”.

    So to brass tacks: did the mashed fauxtatoes taste good, or were they just fart-producers?

    Can I say “fart” on this blog? OH, i hope so. If you prefer toot or fizzle, just let me know.

    Looking forward to your narcissism. It will take my mind off my own beauty for a while.

    Haven’t made a dent in q&s land, but I did put in a load of laundry.

  12. Geez, I am really not firing on all cylinders. I so forgot my ask Sus question…Forgive a sister.

    So Sus…How do you take your coffee? And with what do you accompany said coffee? e.g. scones? breakfast? more coffee?

    And more importantly…are you a microwave reheater of the coffee?

  13. Okay. I’m back. According to Yahoo! Answers, this is one of the top ten beauty pageant questions. (And you know I’m a HUGE fan of pageants so this seemed appropriate). Ahem, if you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would you choose and why?

  14. No way …I made fauxtatoes on Monday evening too, to go along with my turkey meatloaf. But just for me…my hubby and baby won’t touch them. I looked longingly at their baked potatoes and tried to pretend mine were the real deal.

    I’ll have to think of a question for ya…I’ll be back.

  15. Another question for you –though I can barely type after reading all the quippy comments that have me laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes–

    how has blogging changed your life? 🙂

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