Thinking that Thursday calls for ripping off someone else’s blog post

Especially since I’m stalling for one more day while I’m trying to figure out how to organize Friday’s “You asked for it” edition of Ask Sus in which I begin to answer the random randomness that showed up in the comments yesterday.

For now, I give you….

A meme.


I AM super glad I found this on (NC) Gretchen’s page.

I AM NOT happy that I spent 30 minutes trying to get rid of the weird formatting that came with it when I copied and pasted, and I finally ended up chucking it all and starting over from scratch.

I KNOW you all think I’m psycho.

I THINK I am, too.

I DON’T THINK much is going to change in that department.

I WANT runner’s legs without having to run to get them.

I HAVE legs that resemble an Olympic Russian weightlifter.

I LIKE the sound my computer makes when I have an incoming IM.

I DISLIKE having to untie the twistie’s from every. single. present. on Christmas day.

I HATE that I get divebombed by carpenter bees every time I try to take the trash to the outside cart.

I DREAM of finding a good hairdresser.

I FEAR that s/he doesn’t exist and I am forever doomed to having these wingy things flip out of my head and make me look like Gidget the Flying Nun.

I’M ANNOYED that I cannot remember to mail a card early enough so that it arrives in time for the event.  Or, for that matter, even to mail it at all.  I still have my brother’s 40th birthday card.  I recently called to wish him a Happy 46th.

I CRAVE carbohydrates.  Preferably slathered with butter.

I USUALLY hit the snooze three times.

I SEARCH for a way to make my kids love salad.

I HIDE the Doritos so I can eat them after the children are in bed because even though I try to set the example for them at dinner by eating a salad, I really could just eat chips and dip and be happy.

I WONDER why I even bother to tell myself I can only eat just a handful.

I REGRET eating the whole bag in a single sitting.

I LOVE when Craig reads my blog and brings me flowers.  Ahem.

I CAN spend a lot of time in the library.

I CAN’T understand why anyone would major in Math.

I TRY to encourage the children to do their own homework so they won’t know I can’t solve for x.

I ENJOY the second cup of coffee.  The first one simply serves to breathe life.

I DON’T CARE for cling wrap that doesn’t cling.

I ALWAYS wonder why George Clooney hasn’t called.

I NEVER say never. Did you hear that, George?  George?

I’D RATHER be in Paris, sipping un chocolat, speaking flawless French and working on the next great American novel.

I RELY on my iPhone.

I BELIEVE that if you drop in on people unannounced, you don’t have the right to question their housekeeping.

I DANCE like Gumby on crack.

I SING a lot of ABBA.

I ARGUE with God.  But He takes it.  And reminds me of the great and mighty work that He has done and continues to do in my life. And it humbles me to repentance.

I WRITE a lot of stuff in my head at night before I go to sleep.  And promptly forget about it the next morning when it’s time to write my post.

I WIN the Nigerian lottery.  Daily.  Even though I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting the African continent.

I LOSE my patience with slow drivers on two lane roads.

I WISH I had been slower on the way to Sonic and avoided the $125 ticket.

I LISTEN to Stacy and Clinton and then disregard everything they say when I go shopping.

I DON’T UNDERSTAND why people eat liver.  In the immortal words of my brilliant child, it makes me hurl.

I’M SCARED of the dentist.

I FORGOT how long this meme was and that people might want to do other things today rather than camp out here and read this list.

I AM HAPPY you stopped by.

Have a nice day.

13 responses to “Thinking that Thursday calls for ripping off someone else’s blog post

  1. I simply loved this. You are brilliant. And now I can officially begin my day. Thank you.

  2. I’m always happy I stopped by your blog. It makes me think, smile, chuckle, laugh out loud… Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. The funny thing is that today I have a hundred things I can think of to post and NO time to sit down and do it. 😦

    I’m gonna rip this off and use it one of these days…

  4. Are you kidding…this was GREAT to read! Plus, I’m stealing it.

    I agree w/ so many things: why a hot famous guy hasn’t called, hating the dentist (seriously), being in Paris, eating the “good stuff” after the kiddos go to bed (my husband says I wait so I can “make love” to my brownie w/o child interruption–he’s right)…

    My only disagreement here today? You are NOT psycho…unless I am, but to me, you’re normal! HA!

  5. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, please do consider me s.i.n.c.e.r.e.

    I’ll have to stop by Gretchen’s for a howdy-do. Because with a name like Gretchen–and nothing in my childhood ever had my name on it and i was mad about that–she must be a survivor. 😉

    Sooo…George is your second husband, huh. It’s a toss up for me between Phil Mickelson and Kyle Chandler. And if I really wanted to rob the cradle? Adam Lambert.

    you think you’re psycho.

  6. I AM PRESENTLY feeling very grateful I ‘found’ your blog… such a fun read!!!

  7. Love the list and the gal who wrote it!

  8. If we lived in the same town, we would be great friends…I’m just saying.

  9. I LOVE Stacy and Clinton!!

    Ok, just had to get that out of my system.

    The card thing?? I am SO with you on this…I still have christmas cards to send out.

  10. You put the biggest smile on my face when I read your blog! You just crack me up! LOVE IT! 🙂

    PS: I’m sooo with you on the runners legs!

  11. You. Me. I’m wondering if we weren’t born to the same mother.

    I hide my stash of unsent cards in the same place I hide my snack stash.

  12. I just read several of your posts to my husband and could hardly get the words out for laughing. I love the list. I’m sorry about the $125. I understand the need to speed. Can you write the great American novel if you are sitting in Paris? Finally, I wish Stacy and Clinton would secretly film me for two weeks and then wisk me off to NYC!

  13. So glad to know I’m not the only one who writes great stuff at night, only to forget it in the morning. Your list was so fun to read!

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