99 Bottles of Pop On A Wall….

Welcome to Post #99 of Carpool Queen’s Blog.  I love the number 99.  It reminds me of the agent on Get Smart – the original series – not the movie.  Yes, I’m that old, and still waiting  for the shoe phone.  And the cone of silence.  


I realize that you’re supposed to wait until  the 100th post to do the “100 things about me”, but #1 on my list of narcissistic ramblings is that I really, really don’t like to be late. So I’m going to start a day early.  And since this is my blog and I get to do what I want (control issues much?), I’m going to spread out my list over the next four days so as not to overwhelm you with the full picture of CPQ oddity. 

I’m also going to do a daily giveaway because I love a party, and who doesn’t like to get stuff?!   Today’s giveaway is a $5 gift card to Starbucks.  To play, all you have to do is leave a comment.  I know several friends are unplugging this week for Easter, so if there was ever a time to enter a sweepstakes, this is it.  The odds are in your favor.  (And FYI – I will be dark on Good Friday.)

Here we go (and remember, #1 has already been listed).

2.  One of my more unusual summer jobs was being the “pancake flipper” at a convention center. Every day for 12 weeks I made over 2,000 pancakes.  I rarely eat pancakes anymore and I never cook them. 

3.  I have also been a travel agent and a receptionist at a heavy metal radio station.

4.  I do not like my food to touch on my plate, but I love casseroles where everything is mixed together.

5. I do not have a standard hamburger order. Sometimes I like cheese, sometimes not. Somedays it’s mayo and tomato only, other days it’s mustard, onion, pickle and lettuce. It drives my husband crazy. It’s my way of keeping him guessing.

6.  My favorite comfort food is a grilled banana mayonnaise sandwich. 

7.  I will eat most anything except for organ meat.  

8. The only way you could get the heater to work in my first car was to pop the hood and twist a couple of wires together. If it got too hot, I had to pull over and untwist the wires, or just roll the window down until I got cold, then roll it up again. I loved that car – it ran like a scalded dog.

9. I got my first speeding ticket at age 18 (see #8).

10. I got my second speeding ticket 15 minutes after my first.

11.  My brothers bought me a radar detector for my college graduation.

12. I ADORE my brothers.

13. I dated 52 men before I met the right one. 

14. I knew he was “the one” within 6 weeks – it took him CONSIDERABLY longer.

15. I am fiercely loyal to my friends.

16. “Petite” and “blonde” are four letter words to me, yet my best friend is…you guessed it…a petite blonde.

17. I have never been called petite.

18. I was the only girl in my family, yet the only kid to letter in a sport.    

19. I was terribly insecure in high school and college, but secure enough now to acknowledge it.

20.  I  have watched Days of our Lives since I was 15.

21. I also watch C-Span.

22. When I was little, people used to tease me that since I was adopted, I might grow up and marry my brother. I grilled my husband when we started getting serious. Then quizzed his mom.

23. I will scream like a little girl if there’s a mouse in the house.  

24. I cannot shut a drawer or a cabinet door. This annoys my husband. 

25. It also annoys me because at least once a week I’m banging my leg in the middle of the night on the open drawer on my way into the bathroom.  

Are you scared yet? 

If not, come back tomorrow.

Or at least come back to see if you’ve won.

Have a nice day.


30 responses to “99 Bottles of Pop On A Wall….

  1. Happy 99th post! I’ve said this before, but this celebration warrants a repeat…your blog is fabulous..it makes my coffee taste better in the morning…it puts a smile on my face..which puts me in a better mood to tackle whatever is stalking me for the day! Have a great rainy Monday.

  2. You were a receptionist at a heavy metal station? Too funny! Was it an interesting job?

  3. Much fun to learn more about my little petite blogger friend. 😉 Love it. Your sandwiches sound delightfully disgusting and your not shutting the cabinet doors would drive me to insanity very quickly, but it is still quite endearing. I love CPQ! 🙂
    I’m really hoping to win something this week, btw. Just sayin…

  4. I have such a girl crush on you, I cannot stand it!

    I’m blonde, but the only petite thing about me is my…um…well nothing really. Self control?

    I started watching DOOL when Kim and Shane were about to get married (I was a senior in hs), and watched very faithfully until just a few years ago. GH is my poison. DVR it, even. I know it’s tripe, but at least Marlena isn’t wearing yellow contacts. 🙂

    Lurve your simile: ran like a scalded dog. My grum taught me several nice Midwest sayings. I’ll have to add that to the list.

    I think I adore your brothers, too.

    Grilled banana sandwich? Judges say…thank you for playing, but no. Must be a Guatamalan thing, no? ‘Course I haven’t t.r.i.e.d. it yet…

    I’m going dark on Fri, too, but letting it rip till then. Whatever that means to you.

  5. Your banana sandwich thing made me gag just a little.

    I one time accidentally shopped in the petite section and when i realized, i just knew people were looking at me thinking: “she does NOT need to be shopping there!”

    haha 🙂 Loved your list – cant wait to read the rest!

  6. First of all, I am very excited to 100 things about you…

    I love the following that I learned today: hater of being late, no standard burger (this is soo great b/c I order different every.single.time–let’s go to lunch!), leaving cabinets/drawers open….

    Congrats! OH, and I’ve been singing “99 red balloons go by…” remember that one from the 80’s??

  7. edited version:

    “know” 100 things about you…

    and I meant to say that I always wanted brohters and I bet that’s a fun/special relationship! Glad I get to watch my two little people develop that kinda one, though!

  8. I’m curious about #13. Did you keep track? Do you have a little notebook, like Fonzie? or did you put notches in your lipstick case like Pat Benatar? Maybe that’s an estimate…hmmm…you must satisfy our curiosity.
    I love you and I love your blog and I can’t wait for the next 3 posts!

  9. Can we add things we know about you? I’m sure I could get C to feed me a couple of good ones.

    And methinks I’ll be getting you a pack of these for your next b-day (re: #4):


  10. I got my 1st speeding ticket when I was 18, too!! 20 MPH over. Wow. And sometimes all the stuff on a burger takes away from the burger–with you there. Can’t wait to hear the other 75 things.

  11. My comfort sandwich is cheese toast with peanut butter and mayhaw jelly. The cheese has to be placed on the toast a certain way, though. I’m crazy like that…

  12. Oh, and I’ve watched Days since I was in the womb…I’m just saying… 🙂

  13. You’re so funny!

  14. I’m with you on the door and cabinet thing… Why is it so hard to close those doors, anyway? 🙂 Or is it hard to OPEN them, so we just leave them open to save a step?

    And, don’t even get me started on mice…I’ll just say I’ve felt like running away from home when we’ve had a mouse sighting around here. If not for the compulsion I’ve also felt to wash everything with bleach, I probably would have.

  15. I’m on the edge of my seat to learn more about my favorite funny blogger! Can’t wait for the next installment of Days of Her Life.

    I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I read #6. Sorry. We won’t be serving those at the pig pickin… don’t even think about bringing them as your side!

  16. I agree, you blog IS fabulous, and I’m so glad Mer pointed us in your direction!

    I would’ve loved to see your face when you got pulled over 15 min. apart. Incredible!

    And that sandwich? I have never, ever heard of that combination, and can’t say that I will ever be inclined to try it.

    Your non-standard burger order sounds like your non-standard coffee order that changes throughout the day. It’s good to keep ’em guessing!

  17. More accolades! I love your blog. I do the same thing with the burger, Tim is a cheese only guy. Still can’t think about the mayo/banana thing, just can’t go there.

  18. My first visit to your blog…my friend Heather referenced your list on her blog! A fun read…

  19. Grilled Banana and Mayo?! Ewww…I think I just threw up a little.

    Try Grilled Banana Peanut Butter and Honey…it is to die for!

  20. What’s with all the banana sandwich haters?!

    I love that you still think of me as petite. Who cares if I’m not?

  21. Ooh. Ooh. Pick me. Pick me. I never win anything.

    I’m allergic to bananas, but if I wasn’t…I’d so eat them on a sandwich.

  22. I’m with you on the cabinet doors & not being petite… but almost nothing else… HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I knew I was going to like you! So fun to read someone so different 🙂

  23. Not a banana sandwich hater here…just a banana AND MAYO sandwich hater. OK, I guess I can’t really say that since I’ve never tried it, but it’s not looking like it’s in my future to do so.

    Funny stuff, though. So, when do we get to meet in real life? …because you so don’t have to worry about me being blond or petite…

  24. We have something in common… # 24. I drive my hubby crazy too! 🙂

  25. Jumped over to you from Kellie’s…and so glad I did. I just have had the best time reading your last few posts!! Congrats on #99 and will come back to visit!

  26. 25 comments, girl you are a HIT…are you gonna send out autographed copies of your headshot??

    I will SO be your fanclub prez..’kay? 😉

  27. # 6 – Really? Maybe we need a complete description.

    #19 – I would have never guessed this one. Our “Madame President” always seemed very together. : ) Maybe we all felt that way – and none of us realized it.

  28. Definitely one of the most fascinating About Me lists I have ever read. My favorites ones are the ones about food. You have quite the adventurous taste in food! I am totally impressed because mine is totally boring:)

  29. # 8 has me cracking up!!! and i just love #15 . . . I’m a loyal girl too!

  30. Good to see fellow DOOL loyalists out there. I just can’t say goodbye to the Bradys and the Hortons, either. They’ve been with me longer than some family members.

    Also, I confess that I’ve secret fantasies about blowing up Petite Sophisticate stores since an early age. Remember those?

    Looking forward to the next three posts!

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