Continuing the madness…

So I’m cracking up at the Sydney Bristow comments from yesterday’s list, because THIS Sydney would have never left Michael Vartan for Ben AAA-FLAAAAC….

Just sayin’…..

Let’s pause and have a moment, shall we?


We now resume regularly scheduled programming.

The winner of the Panera gift card is……

Becca !!!!!


Timestamp: 2009-04-08 02:25:28 UTC

Congratulations, Becca!  Get thee down to Panera with that sweet little daughter of yours and treat yourselves to some yummy goodness.


This week I’ve tried to use the giveaway as a way to give a little insight into my personality and interests.  The Starbucks card was because I’m a big caffeine consumer (I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 4) and Panera is one of the places that I like to meet up with friends for morning girl time.

Today I’m giving away something that reflects what I do in my spare time.

I’m a novice knitter.  It’s a little amusing to friends and family that have known me for a long time because it’s just not a hobby they would naturally associate with me.  Take over small countries?  Check.  Sit in a rocking chair and make sweaters?  Hmmm…let me get back to you on that.  But knit I do, and I am learning to really enjoy it.

Today’s “thanks for reading and leaving a comment” prize is a set of two washcloths lovingly knitted by yours truly.  Hopefully it will put a smile on your face and lighten the drudgery as you work in the kitchen or wipe off the table.  You can pretend I’m doing the job for you.




And I’ll even let you pick the color.

It just doesn’t get any bigger than this.


Now back to the list.

51.  My dad was afraid he’d yell at me and hurt my feelings, so he didn’t teach me how to drive.  As a result, I’m the only one in the family that can’t drive a stick.

52.  I flew back and forth to boarding school in a little six-seater Cessna airplane.  We begged our pilot to fly roller coasters in the sky so that we could float up off our seats.  He obliged, but made us swear not to tell our parents.

53.  I am adopted.

54.  I do not know my medical history, which is maddening to me and unnerving to my doctors.  The upside is that they usually err on the side of caution and order the extra tests just to be safe.

55.  I have this little thing for George Clooney.

56.  When I was little, I wanted to grow up and be an Army nurse, for I loved  Cherry Ames and wanted to be just like her.  My dad told me to steer clear of government jobs.

57.  I majored in Political Science and got my Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

58.  I then went on to work for the federal government.

59.  I love guacamole and can eat it by the bowlful, but hand me a slice of avocado and I can barely choke it down.

60. When I can’t sleep, I close my eyes and imagine I’m camped on the edge of a cliff right over the ocean, hearing the waves beat against the rocks below.  Puts me right out.

61.  I married at 26.

62.  I am not a clothes or a shoes person, but I do love jewelry and a pretty purse.

63.  I parent a child with cerebral palsy and autism.

64.  I love to laugh and do so often.

65.  I have seen a real angel – bright and shiny, but no wings.

66.  Where I grew up, it was not uncommon for there to be communal i.e. “two holer” outhouses in the villages where my parents served.  The last day I used an outhouse was the day a rat fell down from the thatched roof and landed on the seat next to me. I can’t even go into a modern porta-potty now.  Nope.  Not going to happen.

67.  I once had a pen pal from France that I thought was a girl named Jean.  You can imagine my surprise when he sent me a picture.

68.  I visited Paris in 1997 and was determined to buy a French silk scarf that would be the talk of the town.  I spent a small fortune on the scarf, only to get home and read the label that said “Made in Italy”.

69.  I now want to go to Italy and buy a scarf that was made in France.

70.  I do not have a favorite color.  It changes depending on my mood.  I’m currently in an orange phase.

71.  I have no idea how I’m going to come up with four more things to finish this list out.

72.  My least favorite chore is cleaning bathrooms.

73. A near-term goal is to own a beach house.

74.  I like to try new things.

75.  I have ordered the same sandwich at Subway for over 20 years (6″ Club on Wheat, all the vegetables, extra salt and pepper, oil and vinegar).

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow as I close out the list!

Have a nice day.

30 responses to “Continuing the madness…

  1. How am I first? Because I’ve been frantically hitting “refresh” before I go out of town, that’s how! Again….so much more intrigued. Can’t wait for the next edition of Ask Sus. Please tell us more about the federal gov’t job and taking over small countries. Imagine that goes with the bullets. And the angel. Wow.

    And I am so with you on Vaughn. That show got way too freaky.

  2. So now I am CIA…..commenting in advance as I’ll be out of town tomorrow (we can leave now that you’ve posted today’s list!).

    WOW!!! #76 – 100 are the BEST ever!! Unbelievable! I would have never guessed all those things!! 🙂

    Happy Christ The Lord Is Risen Today day!!!

  3. You have led one interesting life!!! And to top all of it off . . . you knit too!!

    #52 – WOW again!
    #63 – I will pray for you
    #64 – ME too! ME too! ME too! It is ONE of my favorite things to do!
    #73 – me too, but it is a long-term goal for us right now.

    We had your grilled bananna sandwich last night – It was a HUGE hit with my family! I think they felt like they were having dessert for dinner.

  4. Sign me up for the list of washcloth hopefuls!

    I, like your dad, am afraid to teach my daughter to drive, and for the same reason. I told her that is is ME, not HER…which leaves her 100% in her daddy’s hands.

    But maybe it is her after all. She failed the behind the wheel part of her driving test yesterday!


  5. I visited Paris in 1997, too!!!! Small word!

    I’ve enjoyed this every morning. 🙂

  6. Okay, the avacado/guacamole thing just doesn’t make sense. I can’t ponder it right now, though. I’m going to have to go fetch my Rambaldi box and watch me some Alias as I work today. Thanks for the inspiration…you have noticed my daughter’s name is Sydney, right?

    By the way, I’d love some red wash cloths…or maybe one red and one orange (so I’ll think of you and your favorite color each time I use it…until you move into another phase)

  7. your list may well be the most fascinating I have ever read. Two seater? Airplane to school? absolutely intriguing.

    btw, my beagles’ name is Sydney Bristow. Don’t know how I missed the discussion, but had to slip that in there.

  8. Well, you know the girl crush is now officially sealed with Michael Vartan and Cherry Ames.

    Contented sigh.

    Now I do love to look at clothes on mannequins, but trying on anything just quickly bursts the “I want cute clothes” bubble. Lurve shoes, purses, and jewelry AND make up. Though…I don’t wear make up every day. Ustabe a make up girl at Merle Norman a million years ago.

    Okay…so I found a person who can ‘splain politics to me. s.p.e.a.k. s.l.o.w.l.y, please. For I lurve shows like West Wing, but had to keep asking my hubby, “what did he mean/say”, etc.

    My Grum’s favorite phrase is “You just as well to laugh as to cry”. So I grew up with a lot of laughter and sarcasm.

    Went to Paris in 1995 with Big, and was so overstimulated that I asked to leave. Hangs head in shame. We ended up having a more my speed type of time in Strasbourg. Knowing French would’ve been nice. Also having a cabbie who didn’t drive backwards down the street…

    Okay…I’ve hijacked long enough…

  9. Truly fascinating. I am trying to picture it all, and it just makes my life seem so dull. Your experiences have been amazing.

    I’m going to try #60, but I think it might just keep me awake longer.

    And I need new washcloths!

  10. Homemade washcloths – I’m just impressed. And I also think you’re the most fascinating person ever . . . thanks for the list 🙂 although I actually just feel confused and like i need more details!

    oh and i hate avacados and love guacamole too

    i cant believe i won! I have never won anything! 🙂 I’m excited because i love Panera!

  11. Why do you even speak to a boring, dull person like me? at all?
    I’m asking, again, for the details about the angel…please…I’m dying to know!
    RED…I would love a red washcloth.(although I was really hoping for one of those super cool bracelets. I’m still kicking myself that I missed that one)

  12. Good grief, I’m offline for a few days and it takes me 30 minutes to read your blog!

    You wouldn’t like Michael Vartan, he’s too short for you…he’s really sweet, though…he’s one of the very few famous people I have met….

  13. Great list and very entertaining, I didn;t think I could laugh at just hearing random facts about a person. I too order the same thing at Sub. every time!

  14. I found your blog through Tiffani! Giving a big shout out “thank you” to her for guiding me to your fun and interesting page.

    On the adoption part—we adopted our boys and not knowing their medical history makes me crazy! They are only 6 and have a few medical things going on…a heads up would have helped us so much. Ugh. Adoption is an amazing thing! So are all the other things you have listed. 🙂

  15. Are you sure you’re not me?

    I went to Paris in 1996 and bought a scarf, only to find it said made in Italy. Bummer.

    I married when I was 26.

    My son is adopted.

    I HATE cleaning bathrooms.

    I thought I was the only one who likes salt and pepper and oil and vinegar as condiments on my Subway sandwiches.

    I’m learning how to knit and working on 5 different projects at this time. I’m a little ADD.

    A lady in my knittng group is making dishclothes. I’d make one lime green or tangerine if I had to. I’m good at scarves and hats. I’ll get there.

  16. You gotta love a post that has a picture of Michael Varten….nothing but eye candy, my friend, EYE CANDY…oh how I miss that show.

    I’ve had three people try and teach me how to drive a stick shift…the last being my husband. After the lesson, his comment was “when I decide that I’m ready to have my transmission fall out, we’ll try again.” That was 15 years ago. I figure that if there’s an emergency and I need to drive a stick, I’ll just pray real hard and God will take care of it.

    We need to get all the commenters on your blog and you, of course, to meet at Starbucks, drink some coffee, and have you tell us all about your fabulous life. I’ll still buy the book you write, I promise.

    Washcloth..would LOVE a new one…in sage green!

  17. Another fun read. I’m guessing you are a PK from all the adventure stories in your life? Girl we couldn’t go to subway together b/c the workers would want more variety in their sandwich makin’ ;o)

  18. Lydia Stevenson

    Ok, I am commenting on here(not just because I wanna win something but I will say the washcloths in Poland are just sub-par) haha . But I have big news. Here I have been suffering for Jesus for 6 years without good coffee in this country and lo and behold this week they open up a Starbucks in Warsaw. Now I can no longer feel sorry for my lack of good, strong coffee. The only thing that keeps me from still feeling like a true missionary is that it i a 3 hour drive each way to Warsaw. Would it be bad to drive 6 hours for coffee??

  19. If I ever get my dream car (a jeep wrangler) I’ll teach you to drive a stick. Then we can go cruisin together. =) Unfortunately, 3 children don’t fit into a jeep very easliy… so I’ll keep dreaming.

    Meanwhile, I’ll be washing dishes so new washcloths would be oh-so-nice!

  20. How did I not know that you could not drive a stick?

  21. Ah, I loved Alias! Never Been Kissed was so cute, too!

    I’m not afraid of yelling at you and hurting your feelings, so you can learn to drive stick in my Jeep if you ever want to! (New Every Morning can come along, too!) You never know when you’ll have to rent a car in a third world country and they don’t have automatics.

    Guacamole = great; avocados = great. Your repulsion to avocados in slices is hard for me to comprehend.

    #66 bothers me on several levels. Two-holers would definitely violate my high personal space requirement.

    It’s nice to see the excitement about your handknit dishcloths! The winner will have to send you some action shots!

  22. Well – now I’m waiting for the book to come out that has full chapters detailing a number of things from the 3 lists. How interesting!

    I wish you lived close enough to be a party guest. You could really keep the other guests entertained with all these great stories. Actually I just we were close enough to go out for coffee.

    Seriously – if a book ever comes out- put me on the list for a first printing, autographed copy.

  23. I completely get the “guacamole/avocado” paradox (and I do hope that’s the correct use of the word “paradox”…) because, while I could consume a sinful amount of guacamole, the very idea of eating an avocado makes me get a catch in my throat. Also, your pen pal and scarf entries made me laugh out loud!

  24. I just love how you are giving us these little teasers, just enough info to make us go, “WHAT??! She did that?” I am pretty much in awe of you right now.

    Totally impressed with your knitting skills. I can do some very basic knitting, but I could never understand how somebody could actually make a sweater or socks or something.

    If I could live anywhere, it would be a beach house, where I could open up the windows and listen to the waves all day. I hope that your near-term goal is realized soon!

  25. Okay…so I know I already won something this week, and I should totally spread the wealth. But, oh, how I want those wash clothes!!! Disqualify me if you must….or you could “pretend” like someone else won, and then slip me the goods. I wouldn’t tell….H.O.N.E.S.T.

    And I think we’ve finally found something that we disagree on….all the veggies on your Subway sandwich? Really?!

  26. I am so overwhelmed by your list–in a good way.

    So much I could say and WANT to say but I feel everyone is talkin’ a lot on here and I don’t want to bog you down in comments. In due time…

    My Aunt Gail (who is like my Mama, really) is a wonderful knitter and I love to WATCH her knit…I want those dishcloths so I can tell her I did them, okay?? 🙂

  27. A real angel???!!!! No way!!!!

    I really want those washcloths btw.

  28. Wow, this was such fun getting to know you better! Of course, now I have a million questions….!
    Here’s a way to try the avacado:
    Mayonnaise on toast, sliced avacado, salt, then another slice of toast with mayo. If you like guacamole & you like banana sandwiches, surely you will like this….

  29. What? what happened?? I’m sorry…I was slightly distracted by the picture….

    You’re so popular. Can I be your friend???

    I love your blog. You’re so cool and funny. I’d love some dishclothes (cause all mine have that funky smell). Can I be your friend??

  30. I love reading your lists — very fun! Now after the rat story, I’m not sure I’ll be able to use a public port-a-potty any more either ;o

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