And one last thing…

When I was 8, I sat in a chapel listening to a woman named Hazel talk to a room full of missionary kids, most of whom had sat through more church services in their young years than most adults in their lifetime.  Truth is, she wasn’t telling us yet another story about Jesus.  She really didn’t need to.  All of us could recite the story of Jesus by heart.  Some of us in three languages.

Instead of telling us something we already knew, she issued a challenge to examine our own relationship with God.

Our personal “insert name here” relationship with God.

I remember with such vivid clarity the almost physical realization dawning over me that I was trying to skate on my parents’ coattails in terms of relating to God.  I had assumed that because we were a “Christian family” (and a missionary family to boot – didn’t that count extra, God?) that I was covered in the whole Jesus department.

Wrong answer.

My eyes were opened that day that I, Susan, needed to make my own decision about who I thought Jesus was, and how I wanted to relate to Him.

Just the two of us.

I prayed that day for Jesus to forgive me of assuming a relationship where none existed.

I deliberately placed my life under His care and in His keeping.

It has been the defining relationship in my life.

You’ve read a lot of facts about me this week.

But I would hope you remember this one truth:

100.  I am a follower of Christ, reconciled to God Almighty through the blood Christ shed for me.

Grace and Peace to you, Dear Reader, this very Good Friday.


20 responses to “And one last thing…

  1. This is the best thing to know about you!

  2. Isn’t He so good? I can’t even wrap my mind around it. Happy Resurrection Day… Sunday’s comin. 😉

  3. Amen! I agree with O . .. that is the BEST thing to know about you! Blessings to you on this Good Friday, my friend.

  4. What an awesome end to this terrific week.

  5. You truly saved the best for the last! I cannot imaging life without Him! What a way to celebrate this Good Friday. More than egg hunts, baskets of goodies and new Sunday suits or dresses, the real meaning of Easter is the reason you and I have hope in this world. Happy Resurrection Day!!

  6. Praise God for all He has done..His death on the cross, His resurrection three days later…His gift of salvation offered to all. And for sisters in Christ that make this journey on earth more fun…

    May Christ be more real to all of us, each and every day!

    And as one of the commenters has already stated…

    Sunday’s comin’!

  7. The best & most important fact indeed. And this is evident in your blog, no matter how silly or fun the topic du jour. He abides in you.

  8. Amen!

    We may not be IRL friends….yet.:)
    But we are sisters in Christ and I’m so glad!
    #100 is truly WHO YOU ARE!

    Worthy is the Lamb who was slain.
    Worthy to receive ALL honor, ALL glory, ALL praise.

    He is risen!

  9. beautiful! wonderful! marvelous!

    Glory to God!

    This is the thing I like about you the best.

  10. Beautifully and simply written..thank you for this very grand finale to your list.

  11. Good stuff, Sus. Thanks for sharing. It was beautifully told.

  12. I love the way you put this into words.

    Love you, friend.

  13. Do you know that “trying to skate on my parents’ coattails in terms of relating to God” is one of THE biggest prayers I pray over my children??

    What an incredible “100th” week, my friend. I have enjoyed so much reading more about you–laughing (as usual), wondering (get our next assignment yet?), praying (for you/your boys/your marriage)

    I’ve often said that I hope if NOTHING else in this lifetime while I am living or after I’m gone–may people know more than anything that I love Jesus. period.

    I am already praying over this summer. That it will work out for all of us to coordinate and get together, I am.

  14. The perfect ending to a great list!

  15. The one thing that TRULY counts – amen!

    Hope you have an incredible weekend with your family.

    And curious minds want to know…how many languages DO you speak??

  16. This was my favorite fact. As a missionary kid I could relate. As a Sunday school teacher I am inspired… thanks for sharing your story!
    Happy Easter!

  17. Looks like I’m counting down from 100…so for me, you started with the MOST important fact.

  18. um I love this 🙂 what could be more important right?! happy Easter!

  19. So sorry to have missed the whole CPQ week! But so glad I read the 100th thing about you 1st…

    Its apparent you belong to Him. Both on the net and IRL.

    Happy Day sweet friend…

  20. What a clear, beautiful testimony! Thanks for sharing this!

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