Feast your peepers on this


Here are the four men in my life.

The three little ones could not stand the sweater vests.

The big one about lost his religion trying to pose for shot after shot because I couldn’t get them all looking at the camera at the same time.

I had to threaten them with no egg hunt to get them to smile.

They straightened right up.

Then ditched the vests six seconds after the picture was made.

I just wanted to document them wearing something other than a Spiderman t-shirt.

And that I remembered to brush their hair.

Have a nice day.

P.S. – They liked this picture better.



28 responses to “Feast your peepers on this

  1. What a handsome bunch.

    Sweater vests and all…

  2. Too funny. I tried to get a sweater vest on my son yesterday. Both he and my dear husband rebelled at the thought. I hit the limit with the matching ties, I guess. 😉

  3. Lovely family! Redress the boys and ask hubby to snap a picture with you included.

    • It will take an Act of Congress to get them back into dress clothes (What, a button shirt AND a vest?)

      And I looked like something the Easter Bunny threw up. Sorry you missed it.

  4. Sadly, we gave up the sweater vest about 3 years ago…t-shirt–no labels and jeans, please.

    At least he showers.

    Phil and the boys are a handsome lot. But he did disappoint me yesterday…

  5. Would take nothing short of CASH to get my boy in one of those. And he’s bigger than me now, so wrestling isn’t an option anymore.

    These pics are so cute though… glad they gave in.

  6. I’m with the boys…I like the second picture. Look how fun they are! Can’t wait to meet them one day. How old are they? I think they would be great friends with my Ryan…in fact his best friend is a triplet!

  7. I love those boys. Even the biggest one.

  8. The goofy one is awesome!

    I didn’t even get ANY pictures yesterday…I’m such a bad mommy….

    I’ll torture them with having them dress up on another less busy day and snap some…if I don’t forget to, that is.

  9. Great picture! Doesn’t look posed, but everyone looks great!

  10. That’s fantastic. I love it- “something the Easter bunny threw up.” Very funny.

    What a great group!

  11. I love the funny picture…I think that is the one that I would have to frame! 🙂 (Although the other one is a keeper for sure!)

    Can’t blame those boys for not wanting to wear the vests…my 11 year old hasn’t let me get him in one for years now! 🙂 (And he’s only worn a tie 1 time IN HIS LIFE!!) I know…bad mama.

  12. I was just commenting to Whimzie about my great appreciation for mothers who are unashamed to threaten and bribe their way to the preservation of “happy” memories! LOVE IT! The number of smiles that were bought with Legos and candybars at my house…..too many to count!

  13. Ah, such a handsome crew.

    Yeah, I gave up on the sweater vests and khakis a long time. Not worth the arguments and tear. We let Will wear jeans and skater shoes…a good compromise.

  14. Ah, such a handsome crew.

    Yeah, I gave up on the sweater vests and khakis a long time. Not worth the arguments and tears. We let Will wear jeans and skater shoes…a good compromise.

  15. Sorry for posting that TWICE. But hey, now you’ve got three more comments.

  16. I agree with the above….very handsome bunch. I bet you all have a ton of fun!!

  17. Love the pictures! They are getting so big! (I hate taking Easter pictures…goofy smiles, squinty eyes, ugh…)

  18. Handsome family!

    At least you got a picture! I was unable to get one this year… couldn’t even bribe them.

    However, I have been known to pay Amber’s kids a quarter to pose for their Auntie! 🙂

  19. I love the last picture, and it is definitely the one you should frame!

  20. That’s a lot of boys to love (and my are they ALL so handsome)!! I hope they all spoil you rotten, Mama! 🙂

    Pics were drudgery here too and I’m not sure I even got a decent one…need to upload!!

    Proud of you for stepping out of the Easter box even if you did look like Bunny Puke. You shoulda carried my “cute” throw-up bowl with you for the egg hunt!

  21. Haha I like the crazy picture too 🙂

    oh and i got my Panera card today – thank you so much! I cant wait to use it 🙂

  22. What a great picture!

  23. What a great brood you have!
    You looked beautiful, by the way. You should have showed off your pink . I’m thinking multiple pictures with the tripod might have cancelled the egg hunt altogether, though.

  24. Had this same conversation w/one of my best friends on Sunday…THEY ARE TOO OLD FOR SWEATER VESTS WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??? 7 years old (for the oldest) was the limit here…that was a LONG time ago…

    If, next year you can get them to dress in coordiating outfits –you’ve done well…it’s done here…no cute outfits…so sad, so sad…

  25. If I ever have a boy, you can bet that he will have no choice about the sweater vest on Easter. You are so blessed, surrounded by your men!

  26. Wow! 3 boys! whew! you get a extra reese’s egg just for that! These made me smile. Such handsome guys!

  27. Great lookin’ bunch of boys! I love the silly picture best of all . .. ’cause I like silly!

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