Tuesday Tidbits and SUSAN!

Good morning, dear Reader.  I’m jacked up on a little too much coffee this morning but really, is there such a thing as too much?  It has been a glorious morning already.  We were out the door on time, there were no tussles in the car over the window seat (I think J’s just given up on ever sitting there – he automatically heads to the back), and we rocked out to a little Def Leppard the last three blocks to school.

And I was slightly amused that the children asked me turn down the volume.  Mama does love her 80s arena rock……

I have a little bit of randomness here today, for I am scattered and unfocused.

1.  First things first, a big shout out to my brother Paul for admitting to me that he reads my blog.  I have the best brothers IN THE WORLD.  They are all special to me for their own unique reasons, but Paul is special because he has never minced words with me and has always told it like it is.  He’s not one to judge, and he helped me navigate the tricky college years by being my friend and confidante (and my home away from home since my parents were overseas).  And he gave me the radar detector. ‘Nuff said.

2.  I think Skype is a beautiful thing, but now my mother can see if my counters are clean.  I need to rethink where I keep the laptop.

3.  I smell like the tuna fish sandwich I fixed for J’s school lunch.  I’d much rather smell like the Pringles that accompanied it.  But I resisted.

4. Lauren is celebrating her 100th post today.  Go over and give her a big “Woohooo!” and enter her give-away.  And now I’ve lost you all to Lauren’s page, for I know how you all are about the give-away (ahem, Candace).

5.  My friend Tracey posted this video on her Facebook page last night, and I absolutely loved it.  First, because the contestant’s name is Susan, and second, because I can relate to her story.  She quietly lived her life out of the view of the busy world, nursing a dream in her heart, and doggone it, she did something about it.  Watch and be moved (especially since it took me 45 minutes and three calls to Whimzie to get it to embed properly), and then go do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Have a nice day.

19 responses to “Tuesday Tidbits and SUSAN!

  1. I saw this mentioned on yahoo, but didn’t watch till now. What an amazing thing. I’m so thrilled for her. It’s never too late.

    And well done, you, for not smelling like Pringles.

  2. I saw a yahoo teaser for it yesterday, but didn’t bother watching it either…WOW!

    If it makes you feel any better, I just learned to embed a video this weekend, and I STILL haven’t figured out how to add a link!

    Maybe that will be the thing that I “go out and do” after watching your video!

    Big dreams…I know! 🙂

  3. It is not helping that I’m a sick, bumbling mess of goo right now…but seiously…I’m crying at that video. That woman in my new favorite person!! How amazing for her! And she made Simon smile…..she’s a miracle worker!

  4. Apparently I can’t spell either….seriously. See what she’s done to me?

  5. Totally agree with you on the Skype thing…My MOm always seems to want to Skype on the days that my shower doesn’t happen until 4:00 o’clock.

    You are a good mom to make tuna…my poor kids suffer so…what with my mayo phobia and all.

    Gonna go watch that video now.

    Oh and also, I hope your cardiologist doesn’t read your blog.

  6. Maybe I WILL train for that Olympic medal in figure skating after all.

  7. Maybe I WILL go after that World’s Best Clogger Title now…

    And, I messed up my contact lens crying over that video…amazing.

    I don’t Skype with anyone so I’m not worried about counters or no-shower-days, thank goodness…

    Happy Tuesday, Sus!

  8. I was watching that video online last night….over and over again!! Love it! Love her!

  9. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched Susan Boyle sing her heart out…everything about that video is precious…her voice, Simon’s smile, everything…

    And it says loud and clear that it’s never too late to use the talents that God has given you…even if you are in your 40’s.

    Don’t feel bad that you had a hard time embedding the video…I’m shocked that you were able to because youtube shut down the embeds over the weekend to increase their traffic…this video went viral over the internet!

    And…my kids ask me to turn down the music too…what’s that all about??

    Have a great day…sorry to take over your comment section…

  10. Thank you for that blessing today. What a treat. I had chills!

    I want to Skype with you!

  11. I held off the tears until the last 5 seconds thankyouverymuch.
    I think I have perma-goosebumps!!! That will teach us all to not judge a book by it’s cover, won’t it?!

    …oh and the thought of a person smelling like tuna makes me throw up a little in my mouth…maybe you could just RUB the pringle smell on without actually eating them…just a thought.

  12. That was amazing. My tear faucet has been on and off all day…it’s pouring right now.

    Tuna? Really? You make tuna fish sandwiches in the mornings? My kids would faint if there was something besides pj&j.

  13. I love that video. My sister in law sent it to me last night and it’s just so neat… even that look in smarmy Simon’s eye as she wows the crowd.

    And yes, I’m all about the give away! Whoop whoop!!! Look out Whimzie!!! 🙂 Ha!!!

  14. Beautiful. I love it when dreams come true.

  15. I get chills when I watch that – my hubby showed it to me earlier today, and I sure wasn’t expecting that!

    Oh, how I wish I smelled like Pringles right now. One of my faves.

  16. We’ve watched that video twice now and it is amazing! My mouth did drop a little when she started singing-amazing.

    Tuna in a lunchbox? I’m not sure about that one.

  17. Lydia Stevenson

    I have watched it 5 times and cried every time. I had my girls watch as well. I was proud of my almost teenager. Her comment was well you cant judge a book by it’s cover. She gets points for her thoughts and she used an American idiom, which she will need to be able to communictae in the States come July. We had a great discussion afterwards.

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