This takes the cake

Friday night was the school carnival, otherwise known as pay $50 to support the PTA and get dragged around collecting more stuff that you don’t need in your house.  There was face painting, a fire truck, martial arts demonstrations, and enough bouncing inflatables to make all of us throw up our industrial grade pizza that cost four tickets apiece.  I think the cardboard box it came in might have tasted better.

But the kids had fun, and once we got into the spirit of the event (and found the popcorn and snow cone ladies), life was good.


That is, life was good until we busted out at the cake walk.

My poor boys have been trying to win the cake walk for FOUR years now.  They beg beg beg me to sign up to make brownies for the event, and then remind remind remind me every single day that I said I’d do it.   And every year, even though we go over the rules as to how the cake walk operates and remind them that not everybody wins, they still are bitterly disappointed, nay distraught, that they don’t win.

Towards the end of the evening, I was in the library with Baby B (which apparently no one calls a library anymore – it’s the MEDIA center – whatever) and I could hear the wails of Baby A as he roamed the halls trying to find me.

Sobbing hysterical wails.

I knew immediately that, once again, he was singing the cake walk blues.

I tried to console him but the thought of not bringing home a plate of dried out brownies was just too much for his little heart to bear.  We went to find Dad to make our dispirited exit from the carnival, and as we were about to leave, Craig happened to stick his hand in his pocket and, lo and behold, out came 9 more tickets.

Enough for each of them to take one last crack at disappointment.

So off we went – I pushed Travis, and Tommy and JJ stepped around the circle so quickly you’d think they were walking across hot coals.

The music stopped.

We held our breath.

The letter E was pulled out of the box.

And who would happen to be standing on the letter E?

Three people.

With the same last name.

One of whom had to take this picture.


Have a nice day.

15 responses to “This takes the cake

  1. I just KNEW this was going to be the year you guys ROCKED the cake walk! And you won one with SPRINKLES!

  2. haha i’m so glad they won finally! 🙂

  3. sooo funny!! “industrial grade pizza”? you made me SNORT! HA!

    What a fun night and certainly you got to have “icing on the cake walk” at the end!!!

  4. Woo-hoo! Last year was my 5yo’s first foray into the church cakewalk … such excitement!

  5. Love your decription of the carnival….perfect description of the ones I’ve been to. Your boys “enthusiasm” for winning particular games sounds just like my boys! How cool and perfect that they won….at the last minute. That is a priceless story. I would have been shouting “YES!”.

  6. I don’t blame them for wanting to get their hands on those brownies…I might just come over and help your boys inhale them! I could never turn away a good brownie!

    Love the masks!

  7. So excited for your little cake, uh brownie, eaters! Way to persevere!

  8. So veddy, veddy cool.

    Media center. The nerve. Everyone knows its the l.i.b.r.a.r.y. I mean, really.

    Glad for your sugar rush this morning. Did you have a brownie with your coffee? Because that’s living the high life.

  9. Yeah! I’m glad your little cake walkers didn’t have to leave empty handed.

  10. I’m sorry. I can’t stop checking out their awesome masks long enough to comment!

    …except to say Congrats to them, of course!


    Hey, just wanted you to know that I made your chili *again* last night (using leftover pork chops) and had enough for John and I to both have lunch today. Just finished my bowl, and it was SOOOOOO good!

  12. And now you have PLENTY of dried out brownies to eat. Lucky Lucky You.

    And what awesome masks.

  13. I am SO glad this story had a happy ending.

    And in my book, a plate of dried out brownies certainly beats no brownies at all. Or maybe that’s just my South Beach deprivation talking.

  14. How awesome that you finally won!

  15. Oh this picture is precious. Hope you enjoyed the treats. Yum.

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