Crown me with many crowns…

That was rough.  And they didn’t even do anything.  I have to go back on Thursday to talk about selling my children to afford this getting the estimate and full breakdown of all that needs to be done.

On the bright side, I heard “No root canal”.  The only canals I want to pay for are in Venice, so that was good news.  The down side was that the old stuff I had done as a child is beginning to break down and wear away, so it’s time to do a lot of rework.

And get three or four crowns.

And fill a couple of cavities.

Another bright side:  I was praised for being a good brusher and flosser.  They said most “high fear” patients (yeah, I have a label – can I get a clap?) are good brushers, so at least I’ve overachieved on something.

So, that was my day.

I have a migraine.

And a sense of relief.

Until I have to go back.

Because I will go back.  At least twice they said.

Aren’t you glad you get the play by play?

Are you wondering who suggested you read this blog at this point?

Aren’t you wishing you had the last four minutes of your life back that you spent reading this drivel?

I’d demand a refund.

Have a nice day.


14 responses to “Crown me with many crowns…

  1. Were they sedation dentistry friendly? Since you’re a “high fear” person and all. Thought I’d speak with the jargon right off the bat.

    Getting my night guard fitted today or tomorrow. Because I crack my teeth. Ergo, I, too am crowned.

  2. UGH! Well, at least you don’t have to have a root canal. Because that’d add like 4 more visits.
    Yep, that’s me. Little Miss Sunshine.
    Of course, I don’t like going to the dentist either, so I feel your pain.

  3. I had to get a couple of crowns too. It’s not too bad. I mean, I don’t want to do it again but I did survive. And they only had to pry me off the ceiling twice.

  4. I also had “issues” that needed to be dealt with, including crowns (4) and a redoing of childhood work. . . 2 years worth to be exact so we could spread it out as far as what insurance covers per year. I found a tear or two trickling down the cheek makes the dentist a little more compassionate and a couple (or 3)ibuprofin before you go helps the mood. I got through it and then went in for invisilign after! Good luck!

  5. I’m so proud of you!

    I totally understand…I’m on my 6th visit if you include my wisdom tooth surgery, since January. I had to have the root canal. Ugh! You have something to be thankful for!

    It is called I’m getting old and my teeth are too!

  6. I like the bright side….NO root canal. Amen!
    You are actually encouraging me to go to the dentist…..huge fear,too.

  7. Girl, I’d read you if you were giving me the play-by-play of how you floss those pearly whites each day. Because I heart you just that much.

    And woo hoo on the no root canal! And boo hoo on the paying out the wazoo.

  8. No worries…just don’t forget the valium or the laughing gas!!!

    Everything will all be ooookaaaaaaay………

  9. Two posts in one day! Goodness I can’t keep up.

    Proud of you for being brave today.

    By the time this is all over your gonna be a pro. And we’re gonna celebrate!

  10. No root canal? that’s good news!

  11. This may be one of my favorite titles yet. You hymn parody-er, you!

  12. You are so brave. You are my hero.

  13. And you thought you had to wait for heaven to get your crowns! I hope the dentist showers you with blessing of laughing gas and valium. I’m proud of you for going.

  14. Yikes. Glad for you for the no root canal though. My hubby went in to have a root canal. . . he passed out . . . pulse was so faint they couldn’t find it. . . . they called in the EMTs (scary, huh?) The result? no root canal, no crown, no filling and his tooth is still killing him. I’m thinking about pulling it myself . . . while he is sleeping.

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