I am not here

I’m at the dentist.

Hopefully just getting an x-ray and an estimate.

Why am I talking about myself like a car?

I’ll update later.

*grumble grumble*


8 responses to “I am not here

  1. Laughing gas. Get the good stuff.

  2. Clooney thoughts.

  3. Aww… you’ll be fine. Nothing that a little pharmacological intervention can’t handle. 😉

  4. proud of you, and don’t care if you’re grumpy or not.

    keep us posted…

    and…channeling Babs…what kind of car are you anyway?

  5. thinking of you today…even for x-rays and your estimate…hopefully the bumper won’t cost you your life savings…

  6. I just got back from the dentist. While I was there I actually thought of you, not realizing today was your big day.

    I survived, my mouth just looks like a Picasso painting right now and I’m numb up to my eyeballs! Hope everything goes well!

  7. I guess the fun drooling-down-your-face-like-a-baby-and-not-knowing-it part comes later, huh??
    Hope it went well!

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