All aboard the crazy train

Ah, the week that would not quit.  Someone stop the merry-go-round before I heave.


Thanks for talking me off the ledge with all your kind comments, corny jokes and Youtube clips yesterday.  I’m channeling my inner Gloria Gaynor and declaring that I will survive…as soon as I get past the pickle on the crud sandwich that is Baby A coming down with a wicked case of strep.

Yep, that altered my plans to surreptitiously have the cat put down while the boys were at school.

And yes, we’re adding that little incident to the list of things to discuss with his therapist when he’s older.

I actually had to take the child with me to the vet for our final goodbye.

Oh, that was fun.

I tried the old “Honey, I think you might be a little contagious.  Just stay in the car while I run in and talk to the sweet vet about what might be wrong with Simba. We’ll just leave him there and see what they can do for him.”

Yeah, that didn’t work.

Squash Blossom remembered the treasure chest of goodies behind the front desk from the last time we were there, and he wasn’t going to be sequestered when possible loot was to be had.  Before you gasp in that horrified “Oh no she di’nt” sort of way, I didn’t take him back with me into the death chamber exam room.  No, I left him in the lobby with inappropriate videos he could watch on my iPhone.

And now I’m sure we’ve infected half the front office staff while he waited for me.  But considering we are now petless, I guess that technically doesn’t make them our vet anymore. Which relieves a little tiny bit of guilt.

Oh, and we have ringworm.  For the sixteen thousandth time with the same kid who is a MAGNET for every thing going around his classroom.

Gives me the heebie jeebies.

As I’m sure it does you.

But I’m already having a better day today than the mom that had to get out of the car this morning at carpool in her blue plaid pajama bottoms, cut-off sleep shirt and pink hair while her kid was throwing a hissy fit on the sidewalk.

Yeah, things started looking up for me about then.

Have a nice day.


24 responses to “All aboard the crazy train

  1. I am proud for you. You cowgirled up and made it through the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

  2. Ah, ringworm. Such a lovely childhood experience. Almost as good a head lice!

    Hang in there! At least you’re not going to the denstist today!

  3. Oh yes, I am, Kendra. 1:00. To get the estimate for everything that needs to be done….

    Again, Friday yet?

  4. I hope you have an unexpected surprise today…a good one. We must be specific. Hope Baby A gets over strep quickly. I hate strep!

  5. I love that you can find the humor in even the crumbiest of days.

    Glad that this day is looking up…

  6. Sounds like you deserve to have a mom’s day out…mani, pedi, massage, hair cut, the works!

    Or at least a nice, long soak in the bath…

    Calgon…take me away!!! 🙂

    Hope things ease up!

  7. You should make a You Tube video out of yourself singing “I Will Survive”. Because you did. Maybe all that stuff happened yesterday to take the edge of the dental appt today?

    You made it, indeed.

  8. I’ve been on that merry go round……roller coaster, ferris wheel etc.

    I’m so sorry about your cat! And strep….ringworm(tea tree oil??) Hope the ride stops and you get off at the beach!

  9. Thank you for putting the fear of parasitic worms back into my mind! Ewwwwwww!

    Pink hair – are you sure they were pajamas, not a fashion statement?

    Sorry, again, about your cat!! It sounds like you handled it the best way possible, under those circumstances.

  10. I’m sending you a BIG HUG!!
    Does it make you feel better to hear my woes? No…well, I’ll give em to you anyway. No washing machine. New one will not be delievered until Sat. Who do you think is wearing her last pair of clean panties?

  11. Glad things are looking better today. You are a great mom! Most of us would not still have our sense of humor after all that.

    Be blessed my friend!

  12. Go on now GO!
    Walk out the door!
    Just turn around now….

    Strep, you’re not welcome anymore!!

    Weren’t you the one who tried break Sus
    with your germs?
    But we say NO the cat and dentist had a turn…

    But, you’ll see Sus, somebody new..
    She’s not the weakling little person yuck and feelin’ blue..
    She’s spent oh so many nights w/ this impending doom,
    and now she’s smilin’ and flyin’ higher than the moon!!

    And she will survive, she will survive!!!


    • Tiffani wins Comment of the Day Award.

      And an honorable mention for yesterday.

      If you haven’t read her hilarious joke she left me late last night, stop right now and go to the comments on the Wordless Wednesday post.

      • I’m so very excited about my award…washcloths? panera card? sheesh..what’s a girl gotta do??!!

        Kidding! b/c I bet if I fried you some okrey you’d knit me a cloth or two! Right?!

  13. LOL This totally cracks me up! 🙂

  14. You can always make me smile even when you’re talking about sad stuff – sorry about the kitty . . . you are amazing!

  15. Well, I wasn’t laughing until I read Tif’s comment. Really, Susan, YOU WIN!

  16. That Tiffani…she kills me dead and then digs me up and kills me all over again.

    We have ringworm, too!! We can start a club! Moms Of Boys With Gross Stuff Because They Insist On Touching Everyone and Everything Forty-Eleven Times! Probably more of a support group.

  17. I can’t stop laughing at the other comments long enough to leave my own comment.

    (maybe I’ll lose some weight while I’m doing it.)

  18. I smiled when I read your post, glad that you found humor on an otherwise crummy day. Then I read all your comments and I had to laugh out loud.

  19. I think that was me in the carpool line with the blue plaid pajamas. Oh wait…mine are pink with multi-colored polka dots. Nevermind.

    But that WAS me that stomped into my kid’s school in my big pink house shoes.

    Sorry about the kitty and the ringworm. And the strep.

  20. I’m with Kellie – pretty impressive that you can keep your sense of humor even during the worst of days. The “Oh no she di’nt” totally made me laugh out loud.

  21. I’m really sorry, too, about your kitty and the strep and the ringworm and the dentist. I’m sure my sorrow makes you feel all better. I doubt it’s any consolation that your less-than-happy week has been great entertainment for all of us!!

  22. I’m so glad this day is over for you. . . you made me laugh talking about the woman with the pink hair. . . so funny!

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