Gladittude…CPQ Style….

I really don’t know what CPQ style is, but if it’s anything like my hair, it’s going to be all over the map.  And not altogether stylish.

And sorry, Gretchen, I couldn’t wait until Monday (isn’t that the official Gladittude day?).  I’m feeling rebellious and I didn’t think you’d mind.


1.  I’m glad the boys picked up the eleventy million pieces of styrofoam that had once existed in the shape of a cooler until they took to it with a hammer before Dad got home from work last night.  I’m also glad that our neighbors weren’t home to witness my discovery of the remains of this little project in the driveway, and the yard, and the garage, and the flower bed.

2.  I’m glad that my dentist will be able to afford college for his daughter this year, courtesy of moi.

3.  I’m glad that my husband finally came home after being gone three days on business.

4.  I’m glad he comes home any day, come to think of it.

5. I’m glad JJ got miffed about the meatloaf I served for supper.  He said “I wanted the ribs you bought at the store this morning”, and that’s when I remembered that I had left them in the back of the Suburban.

For 5 hours.

Fortunately, they were in the styrofoam cooler.

Before it was destroyed.

6.  I’m glad I have friends who will be inappropropriately funny and make me laugh if I ask them to.  I’d so much rather laugh than cry, and they (you all) obliged.

7.  I’m glad that I have absolutely nothing on the calendar for today.  Can I get an Amen?

8.  I’m glad for a pig-pickin’ party on Saturday with friends from church.  At someone else’s house.

9.  I’m glad Meredith shared the story with me yesterday about the pregnant lady who got hit by a car when she ran into the street trying to escape a bear in hot pursuit.  Provided a little perspective that things could be worse.

And there’s a happy ending.

The lady was unhurt.

And the bear is now playing with my cat somewhere over the rainbow bridge.

10.  Glad this week is over.

Have a nice day.


14 responses to “Gladittude…CPQ Style….

  1. Nothing on the schedule for today?!?!

    Now THAT’S something to be thankful for…I’m jealous! 🙂

  2. woo hoooo…schedule free days are a gift from God and I am soooo thankful that today is a free day for me too! And…I’m craving a pig pickin’…and…I’m still laughing at Tiffani’s pirate joke…and…I am soo glad this week is over. Have a great weekend. Maybe I’ll get lucky at get to see you again at church on Sunday!

  3. yeah, I liked Tiff’s joke too–so much so I used the fairly poor judgement of sharing it with my 12.5 year old son. Husband gave an eyeroll. But funny is funny.

    Honey, glad attitudes can come at any moment. In your case, you’ve proved my grandmother’s axiom that “you just as well laugh as cry”.

    Glad you’re glad. Glad you’re week is ovah.

    Glad for CPQ style.

  4. Gosh, people like me they REALLY like me!!!!

    HA! I enjoyed a “glad” post on Friday–rebels of the world, be proud! Kinda makes you go into the weekend w/ a smile!!

    What a week indeed…I’m sure the pig-pickin’ and fellowship will do a body good this weekend…and praise the Lord the meat was safe in the cooler I was about to add that to the list of things to cry about for you this week!! Shew. Close one.

    Happy Friday!!!

  5. Wow, my husband would love eating at your house. I’m not good with meat. I’m impressed with your menu options.

    I was just thinking that the best days are those with nothing planned. Totally open….anything goes. Enjoy this day!

  6. Haha love this 🙂 you make me laugh girl — and I would have been far more nervous about the doctor with the empty waiting room if I hadn’t seen all his positive reviews on the internet (and the internet never lies right?!)

  7. Wowsers! Your week sounds like something out of a movie. An exciting movie : ). The styrofoam cooler story was very funny! How clever are you to actually keep a cooler in the car for cold things at the store? That is just plain brilliant!

  8. My day was rather perky…hope yours was too!

  9. I’m with you – glad this week is OVER.

    And probably everyone else in the world takes a cooler with them shopping, but I found that brilliant. Going to have to start doing that.

  10. I meant to say…everyone in the world BUT ME. That came out totally wrong. Just ignore me.

  11. I am glad that I have found another person who leaves perishable groceries in their car. Mine was ice cream. Overnight. In the summer. OUT of a styrofoam cooler.

    The van still smells like soured milk. Loverly.

  12. So that is what the funny smell is in Amber’s van!

    I am totally jealous of your free day!

  13. About #10: I’m glad for you!

    Good job on finding the good in an other wise crumby week.

  14. Amen for your day with nothing planned. .. . those are my favorites.

    I loved reading your list.

    I’m with ya on the loving to laugh more than cry . . me too!

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