An “Ask Sus” Weekend Review

So Sus, what did you do this weekend?

Dear Reader, I had a great weekend.  Saturday I let someone else do all the hard work attended a pig pickin’.  For those non-Carolinian friends, it involves hoisting an entire pig (from the snooter to the tooter) onto a rather large grill (otherwise in fancy talk known as a “pig cooker”), and then letting that bad boy go all day long, low and slow.  Our particular pig pickin’ happened to be a social event for my Sunday School class, so that meant everyone brought their best 9×13 recipe to round out the porcine goodness.  The table was laden with potato casseroles, slaws, layered salads, fruit salads, baked beans and enough desserts to start our own sweet shop.

But there was one dish of heavenly goodness that caused my spirits to soar.




Somebody slap your mama.

And in case you haven’t had it, I’m including the recipe here so you, too, can share in the airy delight.

1 can cherry pie filling

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 can crushed pineapple, drained

1 heaping cup of miniature marshmallows

1 carton Cool Whip

Mix together and chill for 2 hours before serving.

If you can wait that long.

Sus, did you think while you were eating all that fluff that you might receive an invitation to go swimming the next day, and you’d have to wedge yourself into your swimsuit?


Didn’t cross my mind.

Wish I would’ve known that before I went back for fourths.

Did the boys behave at church yesterday?

I heart my teacher who talked to us about forgiveness.  This was a good lesson to have in mind as I left class to go to the church library to collect the children who were checking out VeggieTales for the thousandth time.  As I was walking in, I heard “I need to talk to you” and out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw their Sunday School teacher .  So I, of course, skeddadled on into the library in hopes that Craig could take one for the home team hear this week’s recitation of “What your boys did wrong in class today.”

No luck.

I think he used that blank look that said “No speaka’ de English” and pointed inside, for it wasn’t two seconds later that I was discovered cowering behind a bookshelf and I got to hear that two of my boys ditched class because they decided that playing on the Wii in the game room was a lot more fun than learning about Jesus.


And then she said she’d pray for me.

Double sigh.

I think I’ll pray for more marshmallow fluff.

Have a nice day.

P.S. – Sometime this week I’ll hit my 1,000th comment.  Will it be you????  If it is, there might be a special treat in store…..


43 responses to “An “Ask Sus” Weekend Review

  1. Casey hates your blog…I think…I think he feels left out when he doesn’t know the source of my cackling and milk snorting.

    Oh…and Mom is rubbing her cheek. I think she hates your blog too!

  2. Well, if it’s any consolation, I bet Jesus would’ve liked playing Wii, too. Especially since I doubt he would’ve been labled as portly or porcine, or some such nonsense.

    Lurving the fluff–sweet goodness from the earth, and pink? Almost too much to take.

  3. I’ll stay here all day if I have to.

    • I said sometime this WEEK.

      Not today.

      Unless you hang out a LOT.

      I’ll bring the fluff….we can catch up.

      And talk trash about fat Mii on the Wii.

  4. Might have to make that fluff for Corey. He loves cherrys!

    Sounds like an eventful weekend. 🙂

  5. Pink Fluff sounds interesting. And very southern!
    You know I love the south.

    Sorry about Sunday School Drama. But at least they weren’t smoking in the boys room or flipping up little girls dresses. Then I would pray for you.

  6. Candace Chaney? Yeah, I’m talking to you. Don’t try any of your comment antics this time. Pass that on to your cohort, Jack, too. We’re going to see that this thing is done fair and responsibly. Yes, I’ve made myself the comment police. No cheating.

    P.S. Thanks for the recipe, Sus. You know how I feel about a good recipe. And tell the boys’ SS teacher we’ll be praying for her husband. I’ll bet he needs it. She sounds delightful.

  7. So, did that last comment seem too snarky?

    Should I back up just a little bit?

    Too much for a Monday morning?

  8. I love what Gretchen wrote and I agree…I think Jesus would have liked the wii too.
    As a fellow mom of boys….and boys who love wii….mine would have been right next to yours playing.

    Pork pickin’= sounds heavenly.

  9. That’s what’s known as a SNEAKER comment, Whimzie. Hmph.

    I suppose I should get dressed now…

  10. Just so you know….we are having hot dogs, baked beans and mac/cheese for lunch….because of your “pig pickin” talk. It’s the closest this NY’er could get to it today! Yum.

  11. I believe it’s my turn to win somethin’…please don’t let it be the swine flu.


  12. I just can’t get the line “from the snooter to the tooter” out of my head…and THAT my friends…

  13. is you stay chuckling throughout your entire day.

  14. And I would absolutely NEVER be so desperate as Gretchen to win something

  15. that I would comment more than once.;)

    What?? It was a slip of the finger.

    (oh and don’t you wish everyone should have to take tact classes?)

  16. Oh this cracks me up . . . .
    believe it or not, I have never had marshmellow fluff – but I feel eager to try it.

    oh and I definitely used your panera card the day you sent it to me (any excuse not to cook right?) and forgot to talk a picture! I hope you are not too terribly disappointed 🙂

    ps – i hope i am the lucky commenter . . . if i am, this must be my lucky blog! 🙂

  17. Sus…here’s how to make sure you can fit into the swimsuit after fourths…you must call the pink stuff “Pink Salad”..that’s what my recipe card says..that’s why it doesn’t have as many calories, because IT’S SALAD!!’s an old southern trick. And, oh how I wish I could have been at that pig pickin’…

    As for the boys…at least they weren’t talking politics with their teachers on why ‘they would NEVER vote for Obama’…(btw, this was the 4 year old…can’t you tell that the Browning household teaches to respect our authority figures and to love EVERYONE???) oy.

  18. You have a way with words … “from the snooter to tooter” is got to be the funniest thing I have read in FOREVER.

    And, I have to make a snack for Bible study next week and may just be taking pink marshmallow fluff. Is it a bad thing that I have every single one of those ingredients in my cupboards now (except for the cool whip?) 🙂

  19. Yeah, I came back to check and I see I’m going to have to watch a few of you more closely. Yeah, Cathy, I’m talking to you. Mmm hmm. I see what you did there. I’m taking names but no prisoners.

  20. Just one more thing….

    Who would like to police the comment police herself??? Any takers??

    Well, shoot, then I guess I’ll just have to do it….

    Ahem, Whimzie. I’ve got my eyes on you….

  21. I love the way my statistics zoom on days that y’all are trying to win something.

    Even if it’s just the same four of you again, and again, and again…….

  22. I want to go to a pig-pickin’. Hrmph. Promise me that when I make it out to NC to meet you that you will take me to a snooter-tooter roasting. Because that just sounds like my kind of fun.

    And my family should be good to go….I’ve lost count of how often we’re prayed for. Heaven help us.

  23. And just because I think it is funny to see Whimzie get all up in a tizzy….I’m commenting again.

  24. And one more time.

  25. Oh, what the heck….one more time.

  26. OK so I love pink fluff — I just made some for Easter. I could live on that stuff. Haven’t been to a pig roast in a long while — but it sounds so good.

    Can I just tell you that when I read your comments on my blog I literally say to myself “OMG the CPQ reads MY blog — she is so funny and she reads my blog” and then I shake my head in amazement.

  27. I’m totally aghast at the blatantly attempts of these readers to win something…my goodness!

  28. that!!! Really, people, have some tact and some are all hijacking this sweet woman’s blog in hopes of only satisfying yourselves. Who DOES that???

    I apologize on their behalf, Sus. Sheesh.

  29. Hello????

    Where’s the commenter policewoman when you need her?????

    I guess I’ll just HAVE to leave another comment (even though I really don’t want to) and remind you all to have a little self-respect.

    Like me, for instance.

  30. well, well, well.

    i was just catching up on a few entries…made for some teary reading…with the cat and Travis’s fortune.

    then you say snooter to the tooter.

    also, wow. the commentkids here are intense.

  31. Snooter to the tooter is, hands down, the funniest thing I’ve read all week.

    And the marshmallow fluff sounds good, but you really got my attention when you mentioned potato casseroles. Now THAT is slap your mama good.

  32. Sounds like one sweet day in the South. I have been born and raised here and although I’ve heard about the pig pickin’s, I’ve never experienced one. Oh I can just see the tables now lined with good Southern cooking – Yummy!

    Sorry about your boys . .. thanks for being honest though. Moms who project the image that their kids are as close to perfect as perfect come really get under my skin. . . thanks for being real . . . it lets the rest of us know we’re normal.

  33. oh the south! it truly is it’s own little world. Pig pickin’? seriously? with no visit from PETA or anything? wow. you are certainly not in California.

    snooter to tooter. hah!

    and don’t even get me started about the Sunday School teacher who wanted YOU to feel guilty that she lost track of the children SHE was in charge of.

  34. Snooter to tooter just makes me want to adjust my pants or something.

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